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Sick baby & no help from GP Am I being neurotic? Lock Rss

Hi there. My son is 10 months old & has been teething for 4 months. Throughout this entire time he has been sick with mystery allergies, vomitting, diarrhea & croup. However for the last 6 weeks he has had a runny nose & earache. I've seen my GP 3 times for this as I dont think its normal for a baby to be sick for longer than 5-7 days but all she does is laugh at me, tell me I worry too much & prescribe Pamol. I'm wanting to take him back to the GP as I think his ear infection has now spread to his nose as its bleeding now but don't want to waste my time or the Drs. Everyone keeps telling me that if I worried I should be visiting the Dr but whats the point if I get told he's ok & only get given more Pamol. Is it just the teething, should I relax & not worry about this chronic infection or should I be changing GPs?

Shell10mth baby

Hi, sorry to heat that your baby is sick. Perhaps the earache and runny nose may be signs of an ear infection which would be mistaken for teething symptoms. You know your baby better than anyone else and if you aren't happy with the GP then don't be afraid to get a second opinion. Perhaps you could try the emergency room at the childrens hospital(?) there at least they have a few more doctors around and have a lab there if blood tests or samples are required for testing. I'm sorry I am not much help aside from this. I hope that it gets better for you and would like to know the outcome. SJ
Listen to your mother's intuition. Take bub for a second opinion, even if only to give yourself piece of mind. I do it all the time.
Hi bubbles1265
In no way are you being neurotic! This is your bubby and if you are concerned try for a second opinion - no one knows a child like the mummy does. May be you could ring the hospital or a help line and ask for advice and describe symptoms to one of the nurses which we once did for our son. If you are not satisfied with your GP then talk to friends and family to see if they can recommend someone who is better suited to treat your bubby.
I hope things improve for your little one soon.

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

Go with your mothers intuition 100%
Get to another GP. Even if there is nothing wrong with your baby, you SHOULD not be laughed at when you take your baby to the Doctor. They should be reassuring and caring.
A good Dr won't be worried that you visit them oodles of times and will take these problems seriously. Call someone today!!!

Best of luck. I hope your baby is back to good health soon.


Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

If there is blood coming from any part of your babies body it needs to be checked out.

I would definately go to the doctors. It may help to ring and ask your CHN which doctor at the surgery you go to is really good with babies. Some doctors are better at treating either men, women, or babies and while it may not be ur doctor that you see personally. There is generally one doctor at each surgery which is great with our little precious ones!

Good Luck
wow! sorry hun but your quak seems to be a little lost when it comes to worries you have. Seriously, trust that instinct you have. instinct is rarely wrong. Id go straight to the hospital. do you have a childrens hospital close by? I know that i wouldnt be giving it a second thought.
You kno, even if it is just from teething, at least you'll be more relaxed.
Ill tell you, my partner's daughter had flu like signs and all the docs he took her to said it was just the flu. he took he to the hospital because he had "that feeling" something else was wrong, and it turned out she had meninjitis....(spelling?) the hospital told him he's so lucky he brought her in because it was cocal...(spelling, again?) meninjitis. basically, meninjacocal. she could have lost sight, limbs, or worse...died.
babe, go with that intuition. get that second oppinion!


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