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Sricture Lock Rss

Hi gave been reading forums regarding the circ and came across the topic of stricture.
my son had the circ procedure at 4wks with no dramas and it healed well, however now he is 9mths and his penis is a bit of an inny.. to me it is like it has healed to the base of the head a little because the skin doesnt sit behind the head
l worried sick about it for months and took him to my gp at 6mnth and he said it was a fine penis of course and that when he slims down a bit it will be better..
but having heard of this sricture it seems to fit the bill..does anyone have any advise for my situation?? l dont want to force it and l couldn't possibly go thru another was bad enough the first time !!!!!
My little man has the same thing with his penis. I thought the doc had stuffed it but I was told that because his a bit chubby around the groin is why his penis still "hides". With the skin not sitting behind the head, Jeb has that too but I have noticed the older he gets the less it is doing so. It's like it's "growing" it's way free of the head....hope that made sense? smile
i also had ds done at 4 wks.could u plz tell me wot sricture means?
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