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Rash/Eczema/Allergy HELP PLESE! Lock Rss


Over the last week and a bit my 7 week old has developed what appears to be eczema, it started on his face, and then got really bad around his neack an dunder his chin. I have sensitive skin so i didn't think much of it, plus he spews a lot so i kind of figured it was a bit of a dribble rash on his neck from it always being damp.

However over the last few days it has spread and he has a red rash all over his body, and it is worse like proper eczema in the creases of his skin where it is warm and especially bad around his neck and on his shoulders where it gets damp.

I dont think it is an allergy to washing powder or something because its on his bottom and even his little willy, and his clothes obviously don't touch that, so wondering if maybe it could be an allergy to somethign i am eating.

The only thing i can think o fis it possible to be allergic to dairy and only get a rash not an upset tummy or anything else? An dis it possible the allergy is getting worse as it only seems to be a problem lately not for the first 5 or so week sof his life? I have had more dairy lately as i have been having milk and yoghurt on cereal aswell as milk in my coffee, where as before I wa sonly having mikl in tea or coffee.

Sorry that was really long winded but i can't get an appointment with the doctor and the chemist just prescribed qv wash and aqueous cream as moisturiser but doesn't seem to be helping and its spreading...hoping someone here might have some ideas/ experience!


Yes, babies can be allergic to the dairy in your diet without it upsetting their tummies at all - my 3 children all got excema from me eating dairy, although it didn't affect them in any other way. Go off dairy completely and see if it helps - it won't work overnight, you'll have to give it a couple or weeks probably. My son is 13months and it wasn't until I introduced a little dairy (yoghurt) into his diet that the excema was triggered, and now I can't eat any dairy at all without it just covering his body. The others got it from about 4 weeks of age, and I just had to go off dairy then - VERY HARD FOR ME, I love yoghurt and cheese!! Hope it works for you.
Thanks for your reply ddon, I ended up getting an appointnment at the doctor just to be safe and he has diagnosed seborrheic dermatitis, So have some cream to treat it. he didn't seem to think a change in my diet would affect it at all, its like cradle cap but all over his body sad poor little munchkin. Unfortunately he said babies with bad seborrheic dermatitis are usually more suseptable to havign food allergies so going to hold out as long as possible before introducing solids and hopefully that will help!

Sorry to hear about your dramas with dairy, bet your hanging out to be able to eat it again!! Hang in there and i hope your kids eczema fixes itsself as they get older!

IF i don't have any luck with the cream i will try cutting dairy out of my diet!


If you dont have any luck or are looking for something natural have a look at Mangosteen Juice...I use it on my sons eczema.
There is a link in the Mangosteen Juice thread to a website.
Good luck
Ok this is the site that has the testimonials, u can see video which arent that good, the photos are good you cansee the progresive healing of eczema, burns etc..

to order go back to the other one

I hope all is going well for you now that you have a diagnosis. My 3 year old has a dairy intolerance which flares up his eczema. If he uses any chemicals at all (sorbalene, QV etc) it gets worse. Try to stay natural if you can. We use Natural Instincts bathwash, handwash & moisturiser which I get at the chemist. Also 'Grahams' natural shampoo & conditioner are brilliant for the dry scalp. This one is at the health food shop.

Good luck with it.
My son reacts to QV andeverything else except sorbolene cream. ATM we are managing it with the mangosteen juice, used topically, drinking 10ml a day and the sorb. We havent had to use any cortisone since he started usin the juice.
whilst I don't breastfeed our girl does have extremely sensitive skin and an allergy to Lavender and the only thing that helped was Rosehip Oil, we use the brand Trilogy as my mum has the same degree of sensitive skin and allergies as our girl,
Just a question - what are you bathing him in??
We had to try 5 different soaps to find one that didn't cause our girl to break out in rash's, it hurt for her to wee and she was VERY red in the area, and her skin peeled all over her body, all because of soap! was so hard on us and I felt like the worst Mum!
But just may be what he's bathed in if it affects all the same areas as it did our girl,
In the end even Sensitive skin soaps, and goat milk soap etc were bad for her skin and had the same effect, but we finally found something, our doc also recommended aqueous cream to use (rub all over her before bath and then wash it off in her bath), but we have never had the need to use it as we were told of it after we found our solution smile

(if you have sensitive skin he may also)

But rosehip oil and may help very much as it works fast too and we use it for everything with her (teething rash on cheeks, nappy rash, cradle cap, dry skin, etc, etc)

Hope this helps smile
Steph, if you have any questions just ask as we had the same thoughts of if it was her milk too, hope you find your solution smile

Just re-read and saw that you have a diagnosis smile
hope your little boy is getting better!
[Edited on 26/09/2009]

This Juice really has changed our lives, since using the juice my son can now sleep through the night as he is not itchy anymore. It is heaven sent, especially now with summer approaching.
We have also used it onnappy rash and thrush with success. Its reassuring to have a natural remedy.
Hi, my 10 months old baby girl was diagnosed with seborrhoeic dermatitis too this week. She had it all over her back but it is getting much better thanks to the steroids cream. I was told too it is not due to any food allergies and read on DermNet NZ website it can be triggered by seasonal or humidity changes...? taking her to a skin specialist this week hoping to get better information
Hi, I have an 18 month old and he has had eczema since he was about 5 weeks old. I didnt think much of it as I had sensitive skin when I was little and still do. I stopped using the johnsons baby lavender wash and lotion and it went away. I only thought of that as I am allergic to lavender soaps. After Time it came back, especially in summer. I tried everything to settle it down and get rid of it but nothing was working so I eventually went to the doctor. I found out that it was the washing detergent I was using, I have used it for the past 2 1/2 years and never had a problem but as a babies skin is so delicate it was so harsh. I was using EARTH washing detergent and I am BEGGING everyone NOT TO USE IT on any children up to the age of about 10. It is good for the environment but NOT ON SKIN. My doctor informed me that it has plant extracts in the ingredients and that is associated with hayfever (pollens, grass etc). She told me to try and find a detergent that did not have anything to do with plants. I went home and researched every single ingredient in EARTH and was pretty shocked at all the chemicals in it, and they say it's "organic" and helpful for the environment. Ha!

I went to the supermarket and found only TWO detergents/powder that has NO plants extracts. I recommend to all of you mums the following two:

PURITY sensitive detergent 1.25L. ( blue bottle with a baby on the front) It is plant derived but I have researched this product and have been using it for the past 6 months and my sons skin has never been better! It is cheap too, about $4 per bottle so I stock up.

OMO small & mighty powder. It only has FOUR ingredients and have also researched this product and never had a problem.

Also if you like fabric softener I have used COLES sensitive almond milk and that has been so so gentle on his clothes and linen, but still only use it every now and then.

Also look out for any PLANT ingredients in any lotions you use. I was using Gia products but got told that's a MASSIVE no no as it's organic and the ingredients are from all sorts of plants etc. That also made a huge difference.

I use a prescribed cream (antroqouril) when it's bad, QV in the bath and Nyal eczema cream for all over after a bath. These have worked wonders for me.

I hope this helps anyone who is struggling with this problem as you cannot cure eczema only prevent it. Also if you have carpet get it shampooed regularly or any mats in you house and wash blankets and linen regularly as dust mites can also cause itchiness.

This was the THIRD doctor I went to to try and find something that works, so if you need to, get a second or third opinion, it helped me so much.

Good luck mums!
I also use goats milk or sheeps milk soap, you can get the goats milk soap in a pack of two from Chemmart chemists. It does wonders an can be used from head to toe. I also just had to shave (wince) my sons head because he was getting so sweaty and itchy and pulling his hair out. He had so many little scabs from scratching so much. His head has cleared up and hasn't looked better and doesn't scratch anymore.
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