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strawberry marks??? Lock Rss

when bub was 6 weeks old i noticed a tiny red spot
litterally no bigger than a pin head,she certainly wasnt born with it
i showed it to the health care nurse who told me that it was a strawberry mark and that it would keep growing and mabey a bit raised.she said when lillie was 1 it would go white then dissapear????
this sounds very unrealistic to me???
Lillie is now 5 1/2 months old
it has grown to about the size of a 10c peice??
and it is raised
any other mumma's bubs have these???????

Lillie....1 year old!!!

My niece had one on her lip it got bigger and bigger then disappeared at about 8mths.
My nephew has one on his arm and it has grown to the size of a tic-tac but has not yet disappeared he is 20mths.
Hope this helps smile

About 2 days after my bub was born I noticed these two little red marks on her arm. They looked like a snake bite (not that I thought she'd actually been bitten by a snake). She's now 12 weeks and they too have gotten bigger. I've talked to lots of people about them, including doctors, who say the same thing, that they'll go away. I've even had a few friends tell me that they were born with them, and they simply became a little brown mark (like a birthmark). I understand your concerns about this, my partner is constantly paranoid about them!!!

Sam and Hayley and bub

It is very true mimmy,

my niece has one since birth on her forehead and while it fades over time when she is upset or really tired it becomes redder and reappears.

She too was told it would disappear by age 1 but she is now 2 and still has it, you cant really tell it is there unless she gets worked up.

hey darl, didnt realise lillie had a strawberry mark. mataylahs got one. she had it from birth and i was really worried about it as well but i got a refural to the childrens hospital at westmead and the pediatrition told me that one out of ten babies get them and it will grow but not much bigger then the size lillies is and by the time she is 5 it will either be gone or will flatten and just have faint red vain type lines where it once was risen and bright red. i asked if there was any chance at all that it will get bigger or stay like that, even a slight chance and she told me that in all the cases she was aware of they havent got worse, they have gone. as you know mataylah is now 4 and it is flat and a faint red colour so i have no doubt that one day in the next year or two it will be gone, also mataylah has never worried about it at all. it is above her left boob. katrina

katrina,nsw,mum, of, 2girls

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