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Are these the signs of teething? Lock Rss

Hi, i have 15 week old who i am sure is teething.He is drooling all the time, not sleeping well during his daytime sleeps, wakes screaming during the night with both fists in his mouth, and isnt drinking nearly as much as he normally would.I cant feel teeth in his gums but his bottom gum i can see two white patches.Is this teething? I have been told he is too young.He also is very snuffley.He has been like this for the last 3 weeks.Can anyone help me on this.


vickie,sa,8week old

sounds like it to me, reminds me of how Josh used to be. But I tell ya, if u cant feel them but you can see them, they are still ages off! I could see Joshy's 2 bottom teeth for nearly 2 months before they cut through! Drove all of us crazy! He has 14 of them now, the poor 6 in the past 2 weeks!

Donna- Mum to Joshua Darren 5/1/05

Hi Vickie,
Babies are never too young to get teeth. Me and my bros and sis all had teeth at 12weeks. These all sound like signs of teething to me. My daughter has all the signs of teething but nothing has come through just yet. Womens and Childrens Hospital make the best teething gel. You have to go into the hospital to buy it from the medicine thing in the foyer and costs 6dollars. It numbs all the gums and has helped my DD sleep better when she has sore teeth. Hope this helps and good luck!

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

Hi vicki,

Sounds like teething My 9 month old started teething early and had teeth by the time he was 3.5 months Like the other ladies suggest try using some teething gel or even panadol. Once those teeth come through you'll be able to recognise how he reacts and behaves when he is teething for the next lot of teeth that come through.

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

hi there,

yep, sounds like teething to me also! my little one had her bottom tooth cut at 15 weeks and no he isn't too young to be teething. Sometimes they can teeth for months before a tooth pops out. About a month ago my little one had all her top 4 teeth cut around the same time. painful for us both (still breast feeding!) but a month later, we think she is teething again with some unsettled nights!! ahhh....
you can always mash up an icecube and put it in a clean bit of thin cloth (like a cloth nappy - unused, or a clean t-shirt) and get them to suck/chew on it if they don't like teething rings or bonjela since they may be too young for teething rusks. I think you can't use bonjela until they are at least 4 months old because it contains asprin. Good luck......SJ x ps. heres to the tooth fairy to bring the teeth!!!
Yes it sounds like he is cause me lil girl is 2months & has just started teething with all symptoms
I find the pain helps her abit if i give her a dummy ot of fridge i no that sounds weird but the teething rings are to big for her mouth


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