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Reflux - when did your baby grow out of it Lock Rss

A question for those that have had 'reflux' babies.... when did your baby grow out of it???

My baby is 4.5 months and still suffering with chucking up his tucker. The doctor told me he would possibly be better by 6 months.

I am doing a few breast feeds a day - but he doesn't keep this down. The rest of his feeds are thickened formula. If he is better at 6 months, I might try and keep my milk going and convert him back to a breast fed baby if my milk can pick up again.

Also, any comments on Karicare AR v's S26 AR?
I am using Karicare, but you can't make the bottles in advance & I think you can with the S26 AR. It makes it difficult when you are out.

Happy Easter everyone.

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

My DD spewed all the time, it was so frustrating. I found shortly after DD started to roll both ways and then able to sit up for short periods that it finally started to subside. That was around the 6 month mark for DD, a common age they start to do those things I suppose - maybe why the Doctors say it will reduce by then.

I have no experience with formula but lots of great mummies will no doubt respond with some advice. Hang in there, I'm sure your bubs will start to grow out of it as he gets stronger. I'm giggling as was going to say that I can finally dress DD in nice things, however, with solids and finger foods - thats not really true - lol !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

my bubs is 5 months old and spews after every feed.she has never being in pain and it is so normal to me these days lol

Lillie....1 year old!!!

My happy chucker stopped chucking at about 4.5 months.She had Gatsro and was in hospital for a few days we had to put her switch her to a lactose free formula while she was sick and we were surprised she was able to keep it down. She has not had a big projectile vomit since then (touch wood) so we have kept her on unthickened formula since then.

She had reflux since she was born and would projectile after every feed , using Karicare AR we got this down to about 2 X per week. Since the gastro not one projectile ( just little mouthful spews) and she is nearly 8 months now. I dont know if it helped but my DD started solids at 4 months in consultation with her GP and paed to help her gain weight. She is still very long and lean at 7.2kgs and 74cms long.

We would also sterize the bottles fill them with the amount of water and keep them at room temp until we needed them, this also saved time in heating them up. When we went out we also used a formula container or just a new little plastic freezer bag with the right amount of formula in each bag. This was good if I only needed one bottle as i could fit it in my handbag. Also if you are going some where on a hot day in your car leave the bottle in your cup holder inside your car when you get the bottle out it will be the right temp then just throw the powder in.

Im not sure about S26 but the karicare AR formula doesnt mix well in cold water its better if you add it to warmed water, maybe the S26 isnt like this and that why you can pre prepare it.

Good Luck and Happy Easter


Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

Hi joeyw
My 5 month old DS suffered severe reflux that went undiagnosed for 4 months - we just thought his constant screaming, back arching after each breastfeed and serial catnapping (all reflux symptoms) was a "boy thing" (DD 5 years old and was a perfect baby - slept thru at 3 weeks and no wind/colic/reflux). Long story short - we were advised by GP to try Infant Gaviscon (were wary of trying Zantac and Losec so started with the basic treatment for refulx) after each feed - this worked a treat, the fun (not!) part was trying to get it down DS's gullet. It then constipated him so we were lucky enough to be able to mask the Gaviscon taste with Coloxyl drops to get things moving (if you know what I mean:)). I then decided enough was enough and weaned him off the breast and straight onto Karicare HA AR with no problems- more importantly - NO CHUCKS! I unexpectedly ran out of formula a couple of weeks back and the only thing I could get at the local chemist was Karicare AR - tried it and it was gross!!! It seemed to get too lumpy too quickly and I had to keep taking it away from DS during feeds to unclog the teat - again, it clogged him up too. Needless to say, we've gone back to Karicare HA AR with no problems.

Started DS on solids 2 weeks ago - we're having a ball! He still seems to puke a bit, but if I follow it up with a 1/2 bottle - the white sheets stay white!!!

I hope this helps!


Kerry, WA, DD 09/00 & DS 11/05

Megan's constant vomiting stopped at around 7.5 months of age. She still has the odd little upchuck (she's 11.5 months old now), but not much. She was on Zantac from about 4 months of age til about 8 months of age.

Hope this helps!

WA, daughters born May 2005 and June 2007

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