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Brauer Teething Relief-Does it work? Lock Rss

Does anyone use the Brauer Teething Relief Medicine? I tried it and it seemed to do nothing.
Hi sossle,
Yes I tried it and did not find it worked either way.
I have twins so I keep teething pain under control with nurofen.
I try not to use it unless they are really grizzly and I try to hold it off until later in the day so that they can stay in their night time routine and go to bed without trouble. Once they are asleep they don't seem to wake up in discomfort.
Good luck with the teething!


Tried it and it didn't work for me but everyone is different. I ended up buying a gummy not a dummy and he love it. I also gave my guy a cool wet face washer to suck on and he loved it.

DS 13months

Hey Sossle

Haven't tried it (sorry) but I can definitely recommend SM33 - you get it over the counter at the chemist. It's a gel like Bonjella but I've heard it's stronger and more effective. Believe it or not, my bub loves it and sucks it happily off my finger when I try to apply it to his gums! I find if he's in pain it works really quickly and you can use it every 3 hours if need be (I've not generally needed it that often).

I tend to use it mostly at night before he goes to sleep and he doesn't wake up in pain anymore (now that I've said this I hope I haven't jinxed myself! LOL). Hope this helps.

Good luck.

Tracy, QLD, Nathaniel born 27 June 2005

I've found it great. I like the fact you don't have to give them panadol at the same time as a gel. And every time I gave Sarah a bonjella she vomited, so we tried the brauer & love it.

Chris, Mal & Sarah

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