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Hi all,

just wondering if anyone has some tips with dry skin, my little man has mild dry flaky skin on his forhead and on the bridge of his nose. I am presuming this is cradle cap. I have tried applying baby oil, mild childrens moisturisers but nothing seems to work. Has any one else had this problem with the baby? If you have and have had success getting rid of it please let me know. Thanks your suggestions would be appreciated :^)

Caron - Mum to Shelby 6 months

My DD started to get some cradle cap and i started rubbing sorbolene into her head and then when she had a bath washed it off and then dried her head really's worked wonders but it wasn't that bad to start with but i'm still going to continue to do it still. I also bath her in sorbolene, just a few squirts into her bath water as i was finding other products too drying on her skin...
paw paw stuff eve.great 4 a number of things.when ds has a red bum i use it and nxt day it is gone.i also have been puttn it on his cheeks as they r so red and dry from teething it has helped.
paw paw ceam contains fruit acid so it may irritate the skin daughter developed sever dry skin at about 3 months.i changed my washing powder to a sensitive one and started to line dry her clothes and not use fabric softner and now her skin is perfect..i also am totally against johnsons products because a babys skin has a PH balance of around 5...even though jonsons says their gentle almost all of their products have a PH balance of around 13..just thought you should know

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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