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HELP! Baby has Gastro Lock Rss

Hi all, please help, my little girl (5mths) has gastro and is throwing up big time. poor little thing doesn't want to eat, barely sleeping and cries are heartbreaking. Trying to keep her hydrated with boiled water and took to doc today and he said all can do is wait it out. any tips on how to cope and make her more confortable and perhaps happier?

Gracie-Jean (3/11/05) Jayden(1/7/08)

Hi Gracie-Jenas Mum I would be taking a 5 month old straight to the childrens hospital. I know you have been to the Docs but I think you should get another opinion, how low down is her fontinelle? This is a sign that I was taught to look at. Let me know, Naomi
you should have slapped your doctor..
a boy in my mothers group had it last week.he was spewing up every single feed and he NEVER spewed!!! he couldt hold down food and the poor mother was soooo stressed.she went back to another doctor and you can get these sachets from the chemist that you add to water to help keep them hydrated while their ill.its been a week and this little boy has only had fruit
you poor darling i hope she gets better soon
p.s. this little boy is also 5 months

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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