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inappropriate behavure to a child Lock Rss

i know this is not a topic to many mums would like to discuss,but i have to talk about it.
My partner was molested as a child along with his brother and both sisters,one of which was raped by a family friend.
It makes me sick just thinking that there are people out there who would do this to an innocent child.
I am very protective over my daughter and find it extremely difficult to leave her with people.
There are only a handful of family anf friends who i trust,as i always promise myself i would never let anything happen to her,
but what about when she starts daycare?,or school?
i cant always be there to protect her,but i don't know how i'd cope if anything happened to her

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I can understand your feelings as I would protect my daughter also from harm. It is the natural parental instict.

But in saying that you cant wrap your child in cotton wool either. I think that you have to use your judgement to the best of your ability.

Day care centres and schools do have policies where they can not be alone one on one with a child and they are not meant to hug children etc
so I would be fairly comfortable with that aspect.

Does your husband have these feelings also? Maybe it is something that you guys could talk to a counsellor or similar about as your little girl will suffer down the track if you with hold her from these types of things because of your fear.

I was raped at 11 years old and swore i wouldn't affect my parenting. unfortunately what we say and do are two different things. deep down i dont want her to be affected but i cant help but be me and that is very protective. I cant leave her even with my husbands parents and siblings due to my fear. its horrible but a fact of life that things happen and there are bad people out there, we just have to do the best job we can keeping them safe and make sure when they get older they know they can talk to us and we will listen. I was never able to get help as a child and dont want my daughter to feel she cant talk to me. i want her to be safe and happy, we all want that for our kids.

Gracie-Jean (3/11/05) Jayden(1/7/08)

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