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I have a 5½ month old little boy and we have a hard time giving him his Zantac. Apart from the fact it tastes really awful, it seems to dribble down his chin. He has just started on a bigger teat so that may have something to do with the fact that his mouth may be open a bit more when drinking anyway. We have tried mixing a bit of milk in the syringe with it to disguise the taste, but I think I may have to half fill the syringe with the milk to give it to him straight that way, as we can't seem to keep it in his mouth while he has the bottle there. He definitely won't take it by itself. We went through a stage where as soon as he saw the syringe he would pull away, knowing what was coming. The poor little bugger. Does anyone out there have a successful story to tell me about what worked for them? Help!
Ange, my son was on Zantac from 8 weeks of age. We tried to give it to him mixed with a little bit of formula in a bottle at first. But due to the small amount he was having most of it was stuck to the sides of the bottle anyway!! We then used a syringe and used to lie him on his back and tickle him and have a little play to settle him then casually squirt the Zantac as far to the side of the back of the throat as possible. This way it used to just go straight down his throat. We even use to tickle under his throat (like you would do for a cat or dog) just to be sure he had swallowed. We tried to make our voices sound like this was a "fun" thing to do. I use to tell him things like mummy is going to get you your Zantac and then we will have a bottle. We use to follow this up with heaps of cuddles and kisses and say things like "what a good boy you are". I use to talk to him and tell him it was to help him feel better and to make the pain go away. Just remember even at your little ones age they are so switched on so dont try to trick them or be sneaky as they learn very fast. In the end he used to just take the Zantac without any problems. He would have the odd day when he would just refuse and this is very hard but you have to remember you are helping him and the old saying "cruel to be kind" . I hope this is of some help.
I dont know if you are still having problems with this but I thought I would post anyway. I had the same problem with my daughter. When I found out it was ok to mix it with milk I used a mediacation teat ( I had one already as she is a premmie and has to take pentavite). Its a 10 ml cup with a teat, made by Tommee Tippee - it has munchkin written on the side of it. I bought it from Baby Target in newcastle - havent seen it anywhre else but havent looked either.
That sounds like a great idea. I haven't seen anything like that in the shops either. I will ask around at our local baby shops, etc. We have started putting the same amount if not more milk in the syringe with the Zantac and starting the bottle and then putting the syringe in his mouth instead and he sucks on that like it's his bottle, until he realises that it's not. But a couple of swaps with the bottle and most of the time now it's done with very little pain or squirming around and maybe 99% goes in his mouth and not down the bib. We'll see how long that lasts. Thanks for the tip.
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