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In grown toe nail Lock Rss

Hi Girls (and some guys) it looks like my little one has an ingrown toe nail, anyone with a remedy? It doesnt sem to bother him, but looks red and swollen. Naomi
Hey Naomi... my advice would be to see a Dr and get it checked!!

Both my sons had in grown toe nail and we were told to just gently pull the skin back a few times a day. We found in the bath when the skin is soft worked the best. This worked for my first son.. however it did not for my second. I took him to the Dr as it was very sore looking and they just kept saying to give it another couple of days using betadine ointment and leaving a sock on it. However it was not getting any better so finally they agreed and gave me some antibiotic.. however it was all too late as in the end he lost his whole toe nail. Our Paediatrican blamed the Dr and our Dr blamed the Paediatrican... it took about 6 months to grow back but it looked very sore and of course grew back again in grown...

It took a while but my 10 month old finally has a normal, healthy and no sore looking toe nail...

I realise we may have been just unlucky but I wouldnt take any chances as I have seen first hand how nasty they can turn.

I'm sorry if I have frightened you but I wouldnt want another bubba to suffer the way our little guy did.

Good luck
Hi Naomi my daughter had a ingrown toenail so I took her to the doctors and they check it for me and than the referred me to a foot doctor and they cut back her toenail so the skin could grow better so the nail wouldnt goes though the skin and all I had to do was to make sure the toe was always clean, and fine the nail back now and than and put some tape on the toe and pull the skin from the toenail and tape it down so the skin could learn to grow over the toe.

And ever since that her toenail has been back to normal and she is happy and heathly little girl.

Good luck

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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