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mouth ulcers??? Lock Rss

hey guys

my cousins 9mth boy has got mouth ulcers??? anybody ever heard of this??? i thought you get mouth ulcers when your immune system is low... he is bottle fed and she hasn't ever sterilised his bottles... any ideas??


Kristie, tvlle, 3.5yr & newborn

That is an interesting one Kristie. I get the odd ulcer, usually after I have bitten my gum (broken the skin). I had an immune difficience when younger but never got ulcers because of it. I was curious if it could possibly be any kind of blister, like a reaction to some food or other thing bubs has shoved in his mouth. I only ask as I remember a mum telling me about her son getting blisters are pretending to be a dinosour and eating a poisonous plant from their back yard.

I hope it clears up soon, must be uncomforatable for bubs. Does the Chemist have any suggestions on what you can use to clear them up?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Kristie!

Are you sure that it's not oral candida? Are the 'ulcers' kind of white? You can get candida by not cleaning bottles properly. It could also be a vitamin B deficiency as it often is in adults. Does he eat much solid food? How many bottles does he have a day? I'd check with the doctor ASAP just to check that it's not candida. Poor bubba!!
Hi Kristie, has this been diagnosed by the Doc's, because it could Foot & Mouth. (a very common highly contagious childhood virus).
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