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I have a 7mth old son who doesn't want to eat....
When he feels like it he might eat some breakfast such as banana porridge, then at lunch time he may only eat only 1 spoon full of custard.
He won't even let vegies into his mouth!!! I have tried everything even down to one spoonful of custard and then one of vegies.... no avail!
I'm really starting to get worried as he is only 7kilograms.....
He only drinks 150 mls of milk in a bottle and somtimes he won't even drink all that. I thought maybe i was feeding him to often but this is not the case.
I have an appointment with the doctor this week but just wondering if anyone else has had the same problems? Please Help

Michelle, NSW, 7mth son

I have a 10 month old and since i started her on solids she is very fussy. I think its because i feed her too much milk and she fills up an that. So maybe try not to give him as much milk and feed him solids before milk. Good Luck! grin

Jacqui, SA, 10 1/2 mth girl

I had the same trouble with my daughter at about 7mths, so I took her back to the basics and started again. Farex, mashed potato, egg custard and not too much variety in one day and that seemed to get her on track again.

Annie, 3yr son, 8mth girl

With two kids I found it hard at dinner time to prepare food for everyone, so I occassionally resorted to the tinned food. I found that the Heinz food for 6+ months was very lumpy and my son could not chew them so I switched to Golden Circle. This didn't seem to be as lumpy and they weren't as hard. He enjoys the variety that you can get from them, as I don't make food like that, he gets pumkin rissotto and vegetable risoni from me and occassionally some mince smile
Hi,Ifound with my little girl that she wouldn,t eat any of the cereals so I was speaking to the nurse and she told me to try her on a fruit and custard mix.It work's unreal i give her pear and banana fruit and strawberry and banana custard mixed she loves it so thats breaky solved.Sometimes she won't eat it all but as long as she has some that,s ok.I also started her on vegemite sandwiches or promite which she rathers and bang loves it so thats lunch solved dinner can be a problem but we try anything.I find that if she eats first we can "sometimes" eat a little more.Happy Eating!!
The best thing that I have found when my girl got fussy i tried her on soup and she loved it.It also gives them the feeling of being full so i gave it to her for tea then a bottle for in bed and she also sleeps all night and not wake up for a feed.Hope this helps

LittleSasa,SA girl

I can totally relate to where you are coming from Michelle. Benjamin didn't reach 7kg til he was 8 months old & he still only drinks on average 150mls of formula.

Is your son teething? I found that my son was also fussiest when his gums hurt. I tried him on everything and eventually he took to eating avocado straight from the shell, nice & soft & silky.

When his teeth arn't giving him curry, he also likes the Heinz & Golden Circle baby range as well as mashed veges & meat I give him at home but yes, he still does the John West thing & rejects. Sometimes he'll only have a quarter of a jar (big jar) but then if I offer him a bottle in place he'll drain it. Go figure.

Anyway, sounds like our bubs are all in the same club at least we're not alone with our fussy ones :-}
hi fussy eater,
my daughter is 11 1/2 mths and she is 7.9 kgs and she has just started to eat breakfast.she has a bottle that is 150mls about 6:30am then b-fast at 7:30 -8:00 am.she whould nit eat veges so i put apple in it to make it a bit sweeter and it worked.with custard i put mix friut in it like pear,apple,banana,etc and she loved it.i did all with my son who is now 2 10mths and he still eat when he he feels like it or it is soom thing that he likes,he is olny 13.2kgs now and he is fit and the doctor says that he is going really well.
just keep trying and good luck

kirsty w

kirsty, new zealand

My little one is 6 1/2 months old and he cut his first two teeth at 6 moths. Around this time he was very fussy with eating and went off alot of his food. Maybe it could be teething for your little one..
As far as feeding goes he usually has a bottle or breast first then I wait 1/2 hour and give him breakfast,same for lunch and dinner. I found he was not overfilling with everything at once. Have you tried yoghurt, I found that cold yoghurt with strawbery or apple was very popular when he was teething as it was nice and cold for his little gums, whereas warm vegies were the opposite and he spat it straight out or kept his mouth shut. I hope this helps you in some way. Cheers

Buzz. Vic. 6mths old

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