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I use J&J soap free moisturising baby bath in the purple/pink bottle. After reading all this I too noticed in contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Just last week I bought for myself an organic shampoo without the SLS as I have heard from hairdressers it is bad as it puts a coating of some sort on the hair.
I have thought about buying a baby soap that is organic etc but I really dont know if there is any point. I think it is just because I cant stop spending money on my precious little bubby!!!!
Hi i am a hairdresser and to my knowledge SLS does NOT coat or do anything to the hair. once the hair grows out from our scalp its dead anyway, this is why we need to use products with moisture in them to keep it looking good.
some hair products contain silicone and silk etc. this is what coats the hair making it harder if you have a perm or a colour as the silks tend to block the products from penetrating the hair shaft properly therefore we dont get an even curl in a perm, or if u dye ur hair red it may be less vibrant

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We give bub's a bath just about every night, not because she needs it but she actually loves it.

We use a very small squeeze of J & J Baby Bedtime Bath in the water for the lavender and chamomile which makes her nice and relaxed but then I wash her with a small amount of QV wash.

I did try the Curash Baby Bath stuff once but it made Olivia's skin really dry so I swapped back to J & J.

If you squeeze the bath wash into the running water as your filling the bath, it creates a very small amount of bubbles. Just enough for bub's to enjoy without any danger. Also I think the baby bath wash is a lot more gently on babies skin than actual "Bubble Bath"

Hi Guys,

I too use the J&J bedtime bath and top to toe. My little man absolutely loves his baths, and the bubbles that the bedtime bath produces (I must use a lot). I have used these products from the day he was born, and found no problems with them. I too have never heard of the SLS's, but I'm not too worried about them, as these products are produced by a leading manufacturer, so I figure they must know what they are doing. I probably wouldn't use a 'proper' bubble bath, as I'd be worried about it in his eyes, but if you're happy with what you use, and bubs enjoys it, then keep using it.

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I once completely trusted J&J product too, but when we were doing baby massage we were told to look at the ingredients and the J&J one had a by product of petrol in it. Someone rang J&J and asked why they were putting toxic ingredients in baby products and they told her that they sell heaps and nobody has had a problem, and basically didn't give a damn.
I now make sure that if I use any of their products that my son isn't going to ingest any, e.g. top to toe when I wash him and he puts his hands in his mouth while they've got soap on them.
I've found the Amolin products really nice on my sons skin and they smell so good too.

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