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can you tell me whether it is true that daily bathing of my baby with bubble bath is not advised
It is advised that you do not bath your baby with bubble bath because they may inhale the bubbles.
Try "johnsons and johnsons baby bath" which is just a soap in the water and doesn't form bubbles.
I do some baby sitting in my spare time. When giving them baths, I must say the J & J baby bath is great for them...
i bath my 4mth old daughter every night with j&j bed time bath and then after that give her a feed and shes off to bed.

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney

i personally think that 'daily bubble baths' are not suitable for babies. I recommend using j&j baby bath (blue bottle), it smells gorgeous and another new product j&j has released is the johnsons milk should try giving this a go!!!
Dear Barmy

You have probably made your decision regarding this topic but many bubble baths contain a chemical called "ammonuim laurel suplhate" or "sodium laurel sulphate". This is the agent which makes the lather and produces the bubbles. It is also found in many other bathroom products such as shower gels, shampoos and handwash.

There is much debate about these chemicals but some people believe that they should not be used with babies because they can be absorbed into the skin and can cause problems with the eyes. The problem with bubble bath is that babies soak in it thus giving their sensitive skin a great deal of exposure to these chemicals.

For more information try searching the web using the chemical names in your search.

Kind regards
Dear barmy
I have never bathed my baby in any buble bath/ J&J brands etc. I don't think it's necessary especially when they start taking mouthfuls of bath water. He still smells delicious.
I also use J&J baby bath products on my baby and previously on my daughter, some of their bath products aren't recommended for babies under 3 months eg- J&J baby vapour bath which smells great but I only just started using it on my boy and a tiny amount. Curerash baby bath really does bubble up ( my mother in law bought it for my little boy ) but I use this when my daughter (2) has behaved and it is her special treat as she loves the bubbles.
My baby love his bath at 8 mouths

[email protected] plainland qld

Hi up until my baby was 9 mths old she only had water in her bath as the baby wash stuff made her skin dry, it wasnt until she was crawling and getting dirty that we started to use a baby wash in her bath and now she loves the bubbles

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Hi, I too use J&J products I swear by them. While in hospital my mid-wives were fanastic they show me all the do's and don'ts off products what to use and what to stay away from. Now off a night time I bath my 4 month old Ethan in the Lavender liguid soap of J&J and then we play for about half an hour give him his bottle and he is off to bed for the night. I reccommend to any-one to use Lavender or any other J&J products.
QV range of products is good for baby's skin - my baby had bad eczema, and I stopped using J&J and swapped to QV on advice from a nurse, and it has cleared up nicely.

Carla, VIC, 3 mth Baby Girl

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