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Hi all,

Has anyone tried the lactose free formula on their baby? I have a 7mth old baby who has a bad reaction to S26 - he gets very fussy and "colicky". The chemist said that it may be the lactose in the S26 that makes him feel that way. He recommended I try the lactose free formula. Has anyone tried it before, and how did their little one react to it?


Mum to toddler

hi there,
i tried every formula on my first child she was also very colicky but nothing worked so i eventually tried a medicine called "infacol" you can get it from a chemist and its not that expensive and doesnt have that yucky taste mine loved it.
give that a go and see.

Tracey-daughters Enica & Krystal EDD 28/7/04


I have a 3 1/2yr old daughter who also had all sorts of trouble with the normal S26 formula. I then tried lactose free and finally put her on Soy formula which was the best for her.

My 2mth son also had trouble with the normal S26 so I have now got him on the Lactose Free version and he is doing great.

all the best

Jodie, Qld. Madison (09/09/00), Ashton (22/01/04)

Hey Sam

i have a 10mth old little girl. She has been on the lactose free formula since she was about 4mths. I had the doctors telling me that she just had colic or reflux, but nothing seemed to work. Someone suggested I try her on the lactose free formula, and I looked back. She was a totally different baby. And at the moment I am weening her onto the normal soy milk, and she doesn't seemed to mind it. All babies are different, and sometimes its just trial and error to see what works best for your baby. Good Luck, let me no how you get on.

Hi mumoftwo,

I didn't know there was an S26 lactose free version. What is it called, I'll try and find it in the shops?

Mum to toddler

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