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hi i am baby is 5months old.she has not passed stools since yesterday.i was told that it is normal fo r breeastfed babies not to pass stools for 10 days.i was wondering if any of new mothers is facing the same problem
Well I think it's all bull about breastfed bubs not doing the do for upto 10 days as my bub does it nearly twice a day. I was given the same advice as you! Oh and I was told their dod do's don't smell YEAH RIGHT LOL.

Since it's an old post I hope all is well.

Hi Jackie, it would not be normal for any baby breast or formula feed to not pass a stool for 10 days. As you can imagine even adults need to do this regularly. One of the benefits of breast feeding babies is the fact the stool is easier to pass hence the baby usually doesnt need a lot of effort.
I thought my baby was constipated after I put him on formula as he would scream whilst doing a poo. He would be sucessful in what he was doing but would cry every time. I later learned that the formula is extra work to pass hence this was a new experience to him which he was not used to hence he was crying. If your baby does little poos which sort of looks like pellets then your baby is constipated, the general rule is no sign of poo pellets the baby is not constipated. If you see the pellet poos the best thing to fix this is 1 teaspoon of brown sugar not raw, to 60ml of cooled boiled water. The longer the stool is in the bowel the less water will be in it as the body will soak it up. This will make the stool very hard and therefore difficult and painful to pass. The brown sugar has molasses in it which acts like a lubricant. This has always worked rather quick for my baby.
But for your problem I would be inclined to speak with a Child Health Clinic or your GP just to be on the safe side.
The best advice ever given to me, which has worked for me on many occasion, is to trust your natural instrinct. I cant explain this but you just have a "gut" feeling something is not quite right. If you are not happy it will only take a few minutes for a health professional to check your baby over.
I hope this helps..............
My Son went from doing 2 or 3 poo's a day to one every 7 days when he was around 4 months of age. He was fully breastfeed and was fine, they were just really big poo's. It was like he was storing them up. The reason they say that breastfeed baby's don't poo a lot is that there is not much junk in breastfeed milk and it is easily digested. Unless bub is in pain I would not be concerned. I have noticed that since my little boy has been weaned he is pooing every day again sometimes twice a day.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Hi I breastfed both my children exclusively for the first 6 months. After about the 4 month mark my son only pood once a week and my daughter once about every 5 days. I also know of other exclusively breastfed babies who did similar. I think this is totally normal. Make the most of it while it lasts!!!!!!
THANKS A LOT Feebi.I really appreciated your reply.Mia has been pooi gevery 3-4 days since.However sometimes she poos every 2nd day but not big poos.very small ones.I have been giving her prune juice and have started on on farex today.I will start giving her mashed banana soon.I am a new mum and get very worried.I did get replies from other mums which were an immense relief to me.

Thanks once again
Hi Janeen

THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR ADVICE.I was relieved when i read your reply.Mia is doing welL.She now poos every 3-4 days sometimes every 2 days.But they are very small poos.The nurse advised me to give her prune juice.I think that has helped her.I have started giving her farex today.Will give her mashed banana too.She too cries when she makes a poo although the poo is soft.I will try your remedy if the crying persists.

THANKS once again
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