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my lil man has a lil cradle cap. Its not alot. I read another thread about different remedies. what happens if u do noithing. Its only at the fornt and top and its just a little bit...

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

I think that mild cases are just bad dandruff, the babys scalp skin cells grow too fast and their oil cells produce too much oil, hence it all gets clogged up.
I also heard that really bad cases can be a fungal infection (Eww) and you can get ointment from chemist.
My MIL just said to use petroleum jelly to soften it.
DD has it a bit but not bad, I just wash her hair in the bath with a facecloth and J&J's Top to Toe, dunno if that is helping.

If it's not the fungal infection I don't think it matters too much if you don't do anything, more of an asthetic thing really. Apparently they can have it up to two years of age and then some kids get it again in puberty (hormones and oil glands again).
Both my kids had cradle cap my son worst than my daughter at first i was told to leave it and it would fix it self, but it seem to take for ever.
My mum told me to mix some bi-carb soda and water up in to a thick paste place on cradle cap, let dry, then wash off with warm water. and the cradle cap comes off too!
It works my little man had a beautiful soft head for days and the cradle cap was gone and hasn't been back.
I also always put bi-carb soda an their baths and their skin is always soft.
our mother's know best!!!!

Kristy,TAS mum of Taryn & Mason

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