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My son has a strawberry birth mark on his leg. Lately he keeps kicking it and it starts to bleed, and I am trying to get it to heal up. Is there any other parents who have had a similar problem and also how long did it take for birth marks to start to go away. My doctor has said it will, but did not give me enough information on strawberry birth marks.

Joanne, Oamaru, NZ, 4 Year Old, 16 Month Old

Have you tried putting him in long padded pants? I know it maybe too hot in the summer months but since the cooler months are coming this may help pad the area. If you are worried about it in anyway talk to your doc. If you want info try a search on the web, usually you can get heaps of info on anything! I too have a birth mark on my arm, not a strawberry birth mark'sjustlike I have a really tanned, small are on the inner part of the lower part of my arm. I was always consciene of it but have just learnt to live with it as I know it will never go away. My mum always said laughingly 'It proves I was born'! Others have said 'It's where an angel kissed me when I was born'.

Take care

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr


My 2 year old son has a strawberry birth mark on his face near his jaw, its not very big. My sister also had a strawberry birth mark on her leg which just faded over time and is now gone, she is 19. The birth mark has never bothered him, he wouldn't even know it was there. I just also keep a eye on it to make sure it doesn't change in any way and I assume it will just be gone one day.

All the best

Tracy NSW, 2 boys, 4 and 2

Hi Mumof2
Thanks for your reply. I wondered if strawberry birthmarks were common within families as my neice also had one on the side of her face, a large one about the size of a 50c coin, which faded when she was about 6 years old, however the doctor and plunket nurse said no, but after reading your reply, seems strange that you also have had them in your family before. I also keep an eye on my sons one, but as it is in the join on the back of his leg, he keeps kicking it and it is always being moved back and forward. It is rather large, looks like a set of big red lips, hopefully it has stopped growing now, and will also go away one day.

Joanne, Oamaru, NZ, 4 Year Old, 16 Month Old

Hi JoanneC..
My 9month old girl has two strawberry birth marks one on top of her left eyebrow and another on the back of her right ear..
It appears that both have stopped growing. Our doctor said that when she was born they could take anywhere from 6months to 2years old.. at this stage neither seem to have faded..but it doesn't bother her...I personally think she looks cute and it's her's funny when people she her and say "oh, what's that on her eyebrow - is it food?"..then I tell them and some have never heard of it!..

Christina, SA

My son had a strawberry birthmark around his second toe on one foot, it almost looked like a toe ring. Its actually so faded now that I have trouble finding it. In the meantime I've found another one on the inside on his ankle, a brown one this time, at first I thought I'd missed a spot bathing him but after a month its still there.
I have a beauty spot just below my left eye. I was once told when I was younger that you have them around a nice part of your body, not sure if its true but I like to think so. My best friend has a brown birthmark on the side of her face that looks like she's been eating chocolate and missed some when cleaning up. Both her girls have strawberry birthmarks on their head, in their hair, just like their dad.
I hadn't ever heard of a birthmark bleeding though.

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my daughter has a birth mark covering her second toe and curling around to the bottom of her foot. When she was first born, it was so red, and it was like her inbuilt thermometer. It would go bright red when she was hot and almost black when she was cold. It has now nearly all faded, but it still shows a little.
I haven't heard of the marks bleeding though, so I can't offer much help there. Have fun.

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

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