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Ear infection at 6mths - anyone else been in the same boat?! Lock Rss

Hi all - my little man Harrison is in the throes of a terrible right ear infection at only nearly 6 mths...this is really not nice for him or us!! My 5 yr old little girl has had quite a few over the years but not this young.

The doctor prescribed anti-biotics which I hope help soon, he has had a high fever for a few days which Panadol and Nurofen have helped - Nurofen was much more effective. Today the fever seems to be less but still very unhappy baby....grizzly all day.

I think it is hard to keep your sanity at these times, you worry that the older child will miss out - just this morning though, his big sister was worried about him crying so rocked him to sleep in the pram - it just melted my heart, being so emotional from broken sleep I had to hide my tears!

Just needed to vent my little story, love to hear from any one who has gone through this or similar.

Hope all is well with all

cheers, Lianne

SA mum, Lis 17/6/00 and Harry 19/6/05

Hi my sons now two and for the first year of his life he had constant ear infection......everytime he got a runny nose had ended up with an ear felt like some months i actually sent more time at the doctors surgery than anywhere else.....for some reason they have stopped (fingers crossed) and he hasn't had one since his 1st BD. DD is 10mth now and hasn't had one at all so hopefully she will miss it.....The only thing that work for us was Nurofen too...that and lots of cuddles....hopefully your little man will grow out of it too.


mummy of two

I just want to can you tell if they have an ear infection????

Kelly (23) Brisbane, mum to Tahlia 11months

Mitch had ear infections at only a few months old and has had them ever since, he is now 15 months old and growing out of it, i find he gets one usually when he's teething and he gets his asthma along with it! They looked inot him having glue ear, but thank god, he hasn't got it, i take all precautions, i.e ear plugs when he has his swimming lesson etc, you can't be too careful! i think though it goes along with the teething! And thank gos they have antibiotics with no pennicillin, the first lot he had he had what they think is an allergic reaction to the pennicillin, so at the moment he can't have it til he has an allergy test for it! That was scary rushiong my 2 month old down to hospital with rash all over his face!
But, hopefully he is growing out of it!
Good luck, they should ease off and hopefully your bubs doesn't get to the stage of gromits etc!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

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