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red rash around neck Lock Rss

Hi all,
Just a quick question. My 4 mth old bubba has a really nasty red rash underneath her neck that won't go away. I've tried curash powder, my day care mum suggested corn flour, and i even asked the doctor if there was anything i could put on it. He said that it was a particulary hard place to heal, due to drooling and sweatiness. He suggested putting dettol on it to stop any infections, but basically there was not much i could do until she starts holding her head up constantly and gets some air under there. Get this, he also suggested that i could use a hair dryer to dry the area out a bit. He obviously has forgotton what it's like to have a baby... yeah she'd really enjoy that!!
It doesn't seem to be bothering her, and i don't think it is painful for her, though she's not too keen to let me see it!
Did anyone else have a bubba with this, and if so do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

Emily, NSW, Kaziah 28-8-01 and Jorja 3-8-05

May sound funny but I would try Bepanthen. I love it, I use it everywhere, not just for nappy changes. It has antiseptic properties too so it may help in that respect too.

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

Hi pruney,

My 7mth old has the same problem and has had since around 3mths.

Be careful it doesn't spread, Chelsea's started just in the crease of her neck and it is now as far down as her breasts and goes around to the back of her neck and under her chin as well. It never used to irritate her in the beginning but now gets itchy just on the chest bit.

When I took her to the docs they prescribed a steroid cream which I don't give her because I think she is too young and she'll eventually grow out of it (some dribble up to 18mths old!!). I've tried lots of things like QV bath oil, bepathan, sudocrem, Lanisoh etc etc and find the best for us to be Lucas' papaw ointment. It doesn't get rid of it completely but does stop the itch and moisturises really well. I put it on first thing in the morning, last thing at night and every other nappy change. Some people will also recommend vasoline but this is a petrochemical product and really the papaw cream does the same job (creates a barrier between the skin and the dribble)

I haven't tried Dettol and probably would stay clear of it because it would probably only irritate but if you do use it remember to dilute it ALOT as it will burn her otherwise....Chelsea never developed ny infections even when she scratched it raw, just keep it dry and let it heal naturally. I did at first put some Lanisoh ointment on any deep scratches on her chest (breast feeding mums use it to heal cracked nipples and it's great stuff for that) but eventually stopped panicking about it and found that she'd heal herself pretty well. I think the scratching actually increases as their hand co-ordination gets better!

Try changing your washing powder to one from the health food stores if you use the commercial type, they are more expensive but better for bub's skin. Also, my little one dribbled alot as she started teething at 3 1/2 mths so if your's is the same DO NOT use those rubber backed bibs! That's what caused it to spread more in our case. Obviously try to keep her dry (hard I know if she's a dribbler like mine!) but if she is then invest in lots of material bibs and just keep changing them constantly. We also made it a game for me to lift her neck and blow gently on the area to dry it during the day, it took a while for her to start enjoying that ....hehe

I also leave her top off if it's warm and we are home but if you have to put something on then make sure it isn't tight around that area so it has a chance to breathe.

The other biggy is to not let them overheat which is why I think the hair dryer is a silly idea! This includes baths, I find that if the bath is too warm for her then it flares up and make sure you dry every crease on her little body well. Also, stop using anything other tha plain water to clean the area and do not rub it in the bath. Any other bathing products I found including the natural ones just made things worse. Make sure she doesn't overheat at night too.

I think that's pretty much all I can think of to help. Good luck and let me know if you find anything else that is useful for you.

P.S. Since Chelsea has been able to raise her head it has pretty much completely cleared from the crease bit on her neck. It still appears on every bit that she dribbles on though!

Chelsea's mum
My bub got the same problem when she was about 8 weeks, and it became quite bad. I used Sudocerm, the one for the nappy rash, it worked just within days. I just used it once a day after bath, and I tried to keep her neck dry by putting the bib near her mouth not around her neck.


one of my mums from group had this problem, it was from drool, and from a wet bib constantly sitting on the neck area. Try and keep the area as dry as possible. My girlfriend used nappy rash cream all the time when she was home and now that it is getting hotter i would be using it because it will only get worse. But if you dont want it on her clothes i would just leave her with an old tshirt on or just a singlet when its hot. It did clear up with lots of persistance of keeping dry bibs on and nappy rash cream!

Goodluck -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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