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Bub's Cheek Lock Rss

Cheyenne has had what the doctor seems to think is Dermatitis on her right cheek. She has had it for about 4 months now with it going away and coming back.
The doctor prescribed Elidel which clears it up for a while but then it comes back. We went to Wollongong for a week last week and it cleared right up with just sorbelene cream and no Elidel. We live in Wagga Wagga and as soon as we came back so did it.
We have seen a Chemist as well who said to keep it moisurised with Sorbelene during the day and Elidel in the morning and night but she said it seemed odd that it was only on one cheek and wasn't anywhere else on her body.
She has been teething since 2 months old and still hasnt any teeth and i have noticed that when she is teething badly the Dermatitis/Eczema comes back as well.
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what i could try to clear it up. My mum said it may have been the salt air in Wollongong that helped it so am going to try bathing it in a little salt water.
She is going to the doctor's again next week but any ideas/information would be great!!
Oh and Cheyenne is 11 1/2 months old
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