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Just wanted to hear from Mum's who's babies have or had reflux. My 15 week old has just been diagnosed with it and my doctor recommended i feed her smaller regular amounts (she was being feed 4 hourly). How did they sleep, how often do you feed them and when do they outgrow it? Also putting them on solids will this help or make it worse. Sorry for all the questions but i would really like to know more about it. Thank goodness she is still sleeping her 12 hours at night.

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

Hi Natasha,

My little boy will be 9 months old on Thursday, and I'd just like to say hang in there it does get so much better. My little one was diagnosed at 11 days old with reflux (he even spent a night in hospital with it). Once you start solids everything settles down, he very rarely throws up now (only when he is sick with a virus etc) and his silent reflux (which started once the throwing up was under control) is all but gone. His Paediatrician advised starting solids at 4 months old as he had been on medication and solids were preferable to medication.

Like you I didnt have any problems sleeping through the night, he did this from 6 weeks old. Are you breast or bottle feeding? If you are breast feeding you can add Karicare thickener to expressed milk (even if it is only a couple of times a day) and if you are bottle feeding there are AR formula feeds on the market (I used Karicare but whichever is best for your baby) that do the job well. There is another thread in this subject related to this one, you may find some useful information there.

Hope this helps, good luck and take care.

Kara, NSW

Hi Nataha!

My little boy was diagnosed with reflux aT 2 months of age. I thought i was going crazy!! Many people were asking - "Do u have a routine?" I thought i was failing because i didnt have a precious routine because Cohan was only able 2 drink a little bit at a time and then he would bring half back up again!!! It felt like i was feeding him all day....The Health Nurse was waiting 4 me 2 visit 4 my weekly chat at my local chemist 2 give me a highlighted explaination what was going on.....REFLUX...Fussy feeding, small amounts...arching of the back in discomfort....etc etc etc....
Yes things do settle..Cohan is now 5 months old and actually getting thru a full bottle or breast feed(complimentary feedin) with out all the carry on!!!

Thankgod 4 this website and the fact that there are others experiencing the same things!!


my baby girl maddison had reflux when she was three months old. she was she bad that it cause her to her to have some sort of fit, she was transfered to JHH from our local hospital where we were to change her formula from s26 gold to s26 Ar, by the time she was 6 months she no longer had reflux today she is now 12 1/2 months and hasnt had it since.
Thanks for all of your replies i have put her on the thickened formula and she is having two solid meals a day and she is HEAPS better. She is back to eating 4 hourly and sleeping alot better during the day smile

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

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