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Hi guys,
My baby is 7 months old and has just got his 1st ever cold but has got a terrisble dose, hes got an ear infection and has croop(I think this is how its spelt) and I was wondering if anyone has any info on it. Its very distressing to see him so sick.
If anyone can give me info it would be great


try keeping him confortable and happy. if he gets realy trouble at breathing put him in a steamed room like have hot water running in the shower and put him in the room, also if you can try and borrow a steamer from a cemest and have that in his room but remember not to close to his bed because it can burn him also what medicationis he on? contact me if you want on [email protected]
Maya hd croup two weeks ago. They ended up giving her a dose of redipred (a steroid) to help the swelling. Croup is a virus so antibiotics coesn't help. It's an inflammation of the vocal chords and voice box. Steamy rooms can help, but take him to the docs as well, because the smaller the baby th emore serious it is. Maya also had to have a ventolin inhaler because the inflammation spread to her lower respiratory tract and threatened pneumonia.
Good luck and I hope bubs feels better soon

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Neena has had croup 3 times, she also had steriods to reduce the swelling, she was in hospital for a couple of days each time, its so distressing to see them struggling for breath.
Neena has quite serious asthma now which the doc told me is fairly common in children wth re-occuring croup in their first year.
Just hang in there and try to keep our little one as comfy as possible and ride it out, when its all over, you probably wont even think of it again!!!!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

hi guys
Thanks for all advise Bailey seems quite a bit better today and slept q bit better last night. We have got a steam vaporizer which we borrowed from my sister in law and he's on REDIPRED and also antibiotics for the ear infection.
I have really bad asthma and was hoping that Bailey might of got away without it but from what neenas mum was saying mayby not, what age did they diagnose neena with asthma?
Thanks again iit is good to hear other people advise.


well most doctors wont diagnose a baby with asthma untill 12 months but both me and a friend in mums group were told around 10 months, she had 3 bouts of coup and two of broncalitis. They gave her two preventers and ventolin. Dont worry about it if he does have asthma, he may grow out of it and with all the research into it, the medicines are really good!!!
The only time it bothers her is if she's really running around like at the park or if she has a cold or something,
Im glad to hear Baily feels better!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

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