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Asthma in Bub Lock Rss

My daughter, now 7 months, has had trouble breathing and has had a very chesty cough so i took her to see a doctor, who said to keep her away from smokers (which i do anyway) so i went to see another doctor who said that he believes she may have asthma but will not diagnose asthma in babies under 2 years so i'll just have to deal with it myself until then. I would go and see a different but i've already seen both doctors who bulk bill, anyone else i'd have to pay for. My brother was diagnosed at 15 months, so they must be able to do it. Does anyone else have babies or children suffering from asthma?

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

My sister had a similar problem with her daughter who is now 6 years old. She had pneumonia when she was 4 months old and always had a terrible cough after that. Asthma does run in our family, my sister took her to countless doctors and nobody would give her an answer, they just kept telling her to wait until she's a bit older and they can diagnose whatever it is or hopefully she'll just grow out of it. Finally a doctor actually listened - but this was only about 2 years ago - and she was referred to the Children's Hospital at Westmead for testing. It turns out she doesn't have asthma, she has a floppy wind pipe (I don't know if this is a medical term!) which should strenghten as she gets older. Anyhow I would suggest to keep trying doctors until someone gives you an answer, it's heartbreaking to see your own child suffer. I know specialists can be expensive but if you can get an answer and be able to treat your daughter and put your mind at ease it would be well worth it.

All the best
Hi again

I just remembered that at our local clinic they have a paediatrician come once a week and the nurses can give referrals if you have any health concerns about your baby - and it's absolutely free. I'm in NSW and I'm pretty sure all the baby clinics here are the same. One of my friends has been taking her 5 month old to a physiotherapist for a neck problem, organised through her local clinic (also NSW) and it's free. I don't know if all states are the same but it would be worth checking it out. Hope this helps.
Hello Jade,
I have twins which have one had been diagnosed with asthma at 7mths due to the fact that ventalin wasnt working so he was on steriods which helped him they both were wheeze but only one has asthma today while the other has a mild wheeze on and off so if the drs thinks its asthma he would diagnose it and put them on vertalin and if vertalin works then it may not be asthma just sensitive widepipes unless your child has to be put on steriods they will not diagnose asthma until after 2. My son is known to have bad to servers asthma and is put on a preventer everyday alongnwith his regualar vertalin so if you need any further advice you can email me on [email protected]
if the dr really has the fantents idea your child would be on ventalin now if they are and it doesnt work within 3days(nebulisar) they cost over 100 dollars at the cemest but they work. with the funnal and mask they dont work even if they are meant to be designed for little kids they dont work because you dont see the valve move. anyway if it doesnt work in about 3 days go to the drs again they either have an issue of miss diagnoses and it is broculitis or it is Asthma.
but at this time of year just about ever kid is conjested. Also with asthma it is rarely a moist cough it is usually dry. unless they are conjested
hi jade,

from 3 mths of age my daughter had an audible wheeze. her brother whowas almost 2 at the time had been diagnosed with asthma at 15 mths but hes not as bad as her. he was put on ventolin and a preventative to be inhaled by a spacer.

when my daughter stared wheezing i was told she had bronchiolititis but the antibiotics didnt clear it up, when she had had it for 6 wks or more and i was being told for the third time that it was bronchiolitis, i said no more! no more antibiotics, i want a referral to a peadiatrician.

he wrote a referral and the paediatritian took one listen to her chest and said she most definately had asthma, she was 5 mths old at the time. i said to him that i thought children under 1 werent diagnosed with asthma but apparently they have brought it down to around 6 mths now .

anyway he sent us away with the same medication my son was on and we went back a month later. her wheeze was gone and he confirmed the diagnosis as the medication had worked.

some doctors are old fashioned, go with your gut and demand a referral to a peadiatrician if you are worried.
her paediatrician bulk billed her but even if they dont, so what. your babys health and peace of mind are worth the money spent.

good luck

Kristi 5 kids.

kristi what was your child on? med wise and how long did that take to heel it? how was she getting this treatment like threw a spacer or nebuliser?
if you could give me this info it would very much help me. thanks
cause i know that kids dont get told asthma unless they have been put on seriods because ventalin and a few other meds can help clear up bronchiolitis and there is viral and bactiral and one doesnt heel with antibotic and the other does but they both help stop a "wheeze" in both causes. and pedi that diagnose without having a child on steriods first which still takes a few days to heel are wrong all studies show that children can have a wheeze and have it relieved with ventalin and stilll not have asthma.
so really it really depends on whta your child has been on. one of my children were diagnosed with asthma at a very early age but that was because he need steriods and a preventative after haveing to be put on steriods after a few times as they can not and should not put a child on a preventative until they have been on steriods a few times. as then they know it is asthma. also i had another child same age as they are twins just as wheeze but recovered with just ventalin and was not diagnosied with asthma even if they had the same symptoms and stuff she was considered to have bron... at the begining and then antibotics were not working so then she was told once again she had bron but we then had our nor pedi appointment which he said she is wheezy so we put on her on vent and she recovered but chest xrays should she had an chest infection and she recovered without steriods unlike her broher.
to this day almost 2 years after kiahna is stilll considered not to have asthma but xander is diagnosed to have semi-servere to highly-severe. i have done alot of rearch into this and spoken to many preferssionals in research and they all said what i have writteing
my daughter is on ventolin, and flixotide jr is the preventative. when they were saying she had bronciolitis for so long, she went on bricanyl syrup (which is like a liqiud ventolin) which helped a little. the reason i didnt think that she had brociolitis for all that time is because there was not a break in between apparent contraction of the illnesses, and bronciolitis doesnt last for more than 3 weeks. my daughter never had a well day, it was just a constant wheeze.
she recieves the treatment though a spacer, one puff morning and night , and two puffs of ventolin up to four times a day if needed.
the paediatrician examined her. diagnosed asthma, and sent us away with the above mentioned medication. told us to come back in a month. when i took her back four weeks later, she was markedly better. this confirmed the diagnosis for the paediatrician.
she was put on redipred before going to the paediatrician, i think this is the steroids u are talking about, as they are not allowed to be on it for more than five days at a time. i remember the paediatrician asked me if she had been on redipred before he asked anything else and when i said yes and that it was recent, that was when he examined her and made his diagnosis.
during summer, i was able to stop her medication (which the dr said would happen) but now that the weather is cooling down again, her wheeze has returned and the dr said if this happened to put her back on the meds, which i have done.
i also have a son with asthma who is almost three and he is on the same meds but two puffs of flixotide jr instead of one cos he is older.
i hope this has been of some help to you.

Kristi 5 kids.

Hi there,
My son was diagnosed with Bronchial Asthma at 10 1/2 months of age, and was put on Ventolin inhaled through a nebulizer. This has worked wonders for him. He had a cough that wouldn't go away, and sometimes he would cough so much he would gag. Once on the nebulizer, his cough and wheeze disappeared. In fact he had a bad attack this morning, and within 5 minutes of going on the nebulizer, his breathing was going back to normal.

I would be asking for a referal to a peadiatrician and getting another opinion from a proffessional in the field of children. For the health of you child, it would be worth it. Good luck and lets us know how you get on.

Mother of 3, Qld

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