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help, formula to cows milk Lock Rss

If any can help with this problem ,it would be great. My son has been on cows milk for 5 weeks and loves it, but since he has been drinking it ,he poo's within 30 minutes of finishing the milk and now he isn't sleeping through the night. He was sleeping 13 hours of a night before. I have had him to the GP and had tests on his poo's.
hello it may just be that he is lactose intollerent which causes that what formular was he on or was he breast until then?
Hi there sam my names belinda, i would maybe try him banck on the formula that he was on maybe he is just not ready, some babys can take to cows milk well before others...Did you ween him onto it gradually? let me know how you go

tayla 16/08/03

i had my daughter on cows milk at 7 months and she was fine but i had to ween her onto it by giving half cows milk then 3/4 then full strength but maybe your son is lactose intolerent maybe try soy, it cant hurt so maybe its worth a try. i just added some multi vitamin drops for babies from the chemist and also some drops called "infant calm" to help calm your baby to sleep naturally
hope this helps.

Tracey-daughters Enica & Krystal EDD 28/7/04

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