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A few questions about reflux Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

My little 4 month old son has reflux and I was wondering a few things, that I'm sure those of you who have been through this, will be able to help me. His doctor has just put him on Zantac, 1ml twice a day.

1. Did you have heartburn or reflux during pregnancy? I had heartburn towards the end of my pregnancy...actually with all 3 of my pregnancies but only one baby with reflux. Would love to know if this seems relevant or common.

2. Also, do or did your children have dummies whilst suffering reflux? Did you find that it helped? I have just taken Lachlan off the dummy as he was so reliant on it that we were up all night putting it back in, but I was wondering if they help with reflux. He seems to vomit a bit more without it and I'm wondering do I give it back to him or leave him off it......If it gives him some relief, then I don't mind him having it....I'm so confused!!

3. For those who go to the chiropractor....Is the chiropractor costly and how many times do you go? Is it something that you have to keep going to into toddlerhood?

4. Did you have any problems with solids? Lachlan loves his food but does bring it up again.

5. Did you give them water....Lachie won't tolerate water or juice at all....comes straight back up.

I know thats a lot of questions but please excuse my ignorance. I have 3 boys, one with autism, and I've never had to deal with reflux. Would dearly love to help our little guy with this as much as possible.



Hi Natalie,
Question 1- I had really bad heartburn right through my pregnancy. I've actually heard a few nurses mention that there could be a common link between mum's who experience heartburn during pregnancy and babies with reflux. But not enough research has been done to know for sure.

Question 2- My son absolutely loves his dummy, with reflux babies the sucking action actually helps keep the stomach acid down therefore they dont experience the burning sensation that reflux causes as often as they would if they weren't sucking on a dummy. Personally I'd recommend keeping it until you son's reflux settles down, then you can deal with getting him off it.

Question 3- I didn't take my son to a chiropractor, instead we tried a cranial osteopath, from memory we went roughly 5-6 times. It cost us around $50 per session, but if you in a private health fund you can claim a fair bit back. I didn't find it helped my son at all. I don't think you need to go for ages, as most bubby's grow out of refluxing when they a bit more upright and when there valve which keeps the stomach acid down strengthens.

Question 4- Noah loves his food and once we started him on solids I noticed a difference in his reflux, at first he was vomiting a bit up but once his body adjusted, thankfully it's settled down and we only have the occasional one here and there.

Question 6- Noah doesn't seem to like water, he usually brings it up or spits it out. As for juice I avoid it because of the acidity in it, I think it has the potential to make there reflux more painful.

Hope I've helped, if you need someone to talk to my email address is [email protected]
I sympathise with you and your family it certainly a difficult time for everyone.
I hope your son improves really soon.
hi Natalie,
Q1 yes suffered with heartburn during pregnancy and actually craved mylanta tablets,
Q2 Bailey also has a dummy and loves it and its very true that it helps keep the acid down and the sucking comforts them
Q3 we didn't take Bailey to either one as there isn't a great deal of info out there
Q4 Bailey loves his food and it doesn't seem to effect him although he sometimes has yucky burps
Q5 Bailey has home-made prune juice and water and again it doesn't seem to bother him.

Bailey has what they call silent reflux were the acid comes up abd burns but he isn't actually sick he too is on Zantac twice a day

hope this helps


Hi Natalie
1. No I didnt suffer from any heartburn at all when I was pregnant. My husband does however and our chiropractor believes is it hereditary from either parent.

2. We did not want to give our child a dummy. However we were advised to give him one for his reflux as the sucking eases the pain. We also had the problem of getting up all night to put the dummy back in. We just bought a heap of them and kept them in his room and when he cried we would just grab the next one and put it in his mouth. It stopped having to search half asleep in the middle of the night for the dummy and we just collected them all up the next day.

3. The chiro costs $35 & we got $19.40 back from medibank private. You can shop around as some will give a discount to children and if you pay up front if works out cheaper again. Our visits started like this 3 visits a week for 3 weeks, then 2 visits a week for a month, then 1 a week for a month and now we are supposed to go 1 visit a month to make sure his spine is in alignment as he grows. A chiro is a life long person to visit. It is very in depth and most people just have monthly adjustments or if they are not feeling well they ring for an adjustment. It really is a personal thing.

4 & 5 Caleb was put on solids at 3 months to try to get him off as much milk as it is harder to keep down. It did seem to work but he had endless problems keeping down water. It would just come straight back up every time. He was on the AR (anti reflux) formula which as you know is thicker but he still managed to bring that back up. Caleb vomited until around 14- 15 months, but he didnt have any pain. He is now 20 months and had a little vomit the other night, something he has not done in months.

Caleb was also on Zantac 1ml 4 times daily. As he grew they did not increase his medication which meant he was slowly weaned off it. In the end he was having some every now and then but not regularly

Please dont feel ingnorant as reflux is very different in every child, what works for one may not work for another. There are a few different forms of reflux ie happy purgers, projectile vomitting, screaming, no screaming, sleeping, no sleeping. We found just about every book we read about reflux seemed to contradict the last book we just read. We even read a classis sign of reflux is they fail to gain weight. Our son was huge and we have heard time and time again that reflux babies thrive as the sucking and the milk eases the pain so they are always wanting milk. It must be very hard for you, it was for us and we only have the one child to look after. I know I sound like a cracked record but if you get a minute (it is huge and may take a while) there is an exellent post in Newborn under sleep and settling. Its called Sleeping a baby with gastric reflux by pete. Have a read as it just might give you some ideas on different things you can try. We found the first 6 months were the hardest. I hope this helps but if I can answer any more questions please just ask away! Good luck
Hi my son Luke has the happy vomiter type of reflux. He threw up after every feed and at nine months still has days that are bad, but most are good.

1. I had heartburn towards the end of my pregnancy and found certain foods set it off.

2. Luke had a dummy, but at around 3 months stopped taking it. It did help keep some of the milk down and we used to give it to him straight after a feed.

3. We didn't try the chiro, it was our next step if the medicine the doctor gave us didn't work. He gave him Prepulsid, which I think can be a bit of a controversial drug, but it seems to help, it hasn't stopped it but helps a bit. A mother in my mothers group swears by chiropractors for reflux.

4. Solids didn't really make a huge difference to Luke, he does keep them down better than milk but can still come back up. I found they stayed down better if given before a milk feed, but most MCHN don't reccomend it so talk to yours first.

5. I have had a lot of trouble with giving Luke water. He did bring a lot back up so I didn't offer it as often as I probably should have. Now I wish I had really persevered as it has been a struggle to get him to drink fluids.

Good Luck, It can be stressful and once they sit up there is a big difference, although Luke crawled a week later and made his reflux worse before it could get much better. Just don't forget you arte not alone.


Danielle, 28, Vic, 1st son born 2/6/03

Thankyou all so much.

We are looking in to the chiropractor thing and also have given him a dummy after feeds. I found the Zantac gave him runny stools so have stopped that until going back to the doc this week.

thanx again. It does help to know I'm not alone and that there is light at the end of a very wet, smelly tunnel smile

Hi Natalie, here's another thing to think about. Caleb has had really bad problems with glue ear. I was speaking to an older women I work with and was telling her about Calebs reflux and she said so I guess now you are having problems with his ears?? Turns out all her 3 children had reflux and then all of them had ear trouble. When I asked her why she thought that she said it stands to reason if you are vomiting all the time the vomit does go up your nose and in your sinus. I dont know if there is any truth in this but it was interesting to hear.
We have just started to take Caleb to acupuncture(for his ears) who uses the original chinese method. He is also a homeopath. I was talking to him about Calebs reflux and he said acupuncture can help this. I told him that we took Caleb to see a Chiropractor and he said that we were on the right track. So what I am trying to say if you dont have any luck with a chiro keep the acupuncture in mind. He charged us $50.00 and we got $40.00 back on private health fund. Calebs next visit will only be $40.00. We were in his rooms for over an hour and they were just lovely. They use a laser not needles and Caleb went to sleep. We only have to see him a few times so it is cheaper than a chiropractor in that sense. Hope things settle for you soon.
hi natalie,

my baby had reflux and she was also prescribed zantac but im not one for giving littlies medicine every day unless its absolutely necessary. having said that, it depends on the type of reflux your baby has, my baby had silent reflux which meant she vomited profuse amounts but didnt cry heaps cos she didnt experience the severe burning.

my child health nurse told me to go to the chemist and buy this stuff called guarcol, its a food thickener and its found in the section with all the formulas, it costs $25 a tin but this will last 6 mths or so.

i used to put a 1/4 of a teaspoon in with every feed(bottle) and it worked an absolute treat. it took about a week for her to adjust to it and at first it seemed like she was vomiting worse for a day or two but after a week she was having spit ups like a normal baby does. and i never had to use the zantac.

she grew out of it when she was about 10 mths old and is now great.

as for starting solids that was disasterous to start with because she vomited like she did with the milk. she was 5 1/2 mths old before i could feed her solids and be remotely safe. dont be in a hurry to give solids, they dont really need it till 6 mths anyway.

in answer to the questions;

1. yes i had heart burn, but i had worse heart burn with my son who never had reflux at all.

2.yes she had a dummy that she absolutely loved and still does!!!!!

3.i didnt do the chiropractor, im not a fan of this but thats my opinion.

4. answered above.

5. my daughter refused to drink juice and water until recently and she is now 13 mths old. she takes this fine now. they get enough water from formula and breast milk anyway.

go and get the guarcol, trust me it worked brilliantly. what have you got to lose? that is, of course if your baby is bottle fed. if not then the guarcol obviously wont work.

i know ive rabbited on but i sincerely hope that i have been of some help ,

good luck

Kristi 5 kids.

My son George also suffers from reflux. He is now 15 months old and hardly ever vomits now, but you can hear that his burps are pretty soggy still. Occasionally it gets as far as his mouth, but he's not prepared to let it go now, so swallows it back.
In answer to your questions.
1. I only had occasional heartburn during his pregnancy (definitely worse this time around)
2. Never tried a dummy, we just put up with a lot of washing, holding and comforting. He was usually pretty good at night.
3. Never tried chiropracter
4. Solids came back too, interesting colours sometimes, a change from breastmilk!
5. George drinks water and milk now. Haven't tried fruitjuice as is acidic and also I feel too sweet.

Doctor put us on something a bit like Mylanta, but I found George was in more distress with it as he couldn't get his burps out! We went back to getting thrown up on regularly instead.

Keep going, it does improve, some faster than others. From my reading I got the impression that most are done by 1 year.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

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