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Hi I'm new to the site.
I have a 9 month old girl named Jasmine. We have had sleeping issues since the beginning due to feeding problems but once we sorted that out with a bit of help from Tressillian at about 3.5 months of age when we started solids we were managing to get at least 6-8 hrs sleep of a night most of the time.
When Jasmine hit 6 mths which was around xmas and also after having immunisation she began on teething symptoms- bad drooling, red cheeks, chewing on everything, runny nose, going off feeds, really high temp and also stopped sleeping and started getting more cuddly and sookie and also getting up every hour or two during the night.
This behaviour died down during Feb but has started up again this month and this time the whining and sooking seem to be more prominent. This wakes us up several times during the night. I know they are supposed to be grumpy from the teeth coming through but I am getting worried as to how long it should go on for especially since she doesn't actually have any teeth out yet.
I read about an idea of a cold wet towel to suck on which I will try- but any other advice/reassurement will be much appreciated.

Susan mum of 2 gals

Hi, My little one started getting teething symptoms from about 3 months (she's now 6 months old) - drooling, chewing, going off feeds, being clingy and sooky etc. She also started night-waking a lot. Her 2 bottom teeth finally came through at 5 months, and it was the worst week we've ever had with her - she just would not sleep during the day or night, and was totally off food. We massaged her gums with bonjella, also gave her baby panadol and gave her teething rings. Thankfully, by the end of the week she'd settled down once those teeth had finally pushed through the gums. All I can suggest is what I've tried, and as each baby is different, just seeing what works best for you and your little one. If you're still concerned, and she's running high temps, maybe just see your local GP or midwife for some reassurance.

Debbie, QLD, gorgeous daughter

hi well my 10 mth old daughter hasnt been sleeping for months becuse of teeth she finally has 3 now and 3 more on the way she only got her first a month ago she has been restless, sooky,clingy,drooling,red cheeks,runny nose,off her food everything that comes with the teeth i cant remeber the last time i had a decent sleep cause she is just so unsettledand this has been going on for months after the first 1 came through i think we got 3 nights break and then it started again and is still going i am hoping after these 3 come we will have a big break. she has her good days and her bad ones goodluck and let me know if she finally gets a tooth ok seeya
Dear Debbie & Nat
Thank you so much for writing, sounds like I was lucky to get a month off last month. I really am hoping that this time we may get to see some of those teeth that are causing our little angel so much pain. Although the bongello didn't seem to do much yesterday it has given us some relief today- tis funny how sometimes things don't work and then do work later. Being our first child it is hard to know what to expect and although people tell you that teething will make them unsettled, until you hear from other people's experiences you're not sure how much so.
Thank you both for the advice and for sharing, shall keep you posted on the progress.

PS: Nat your little one sounds just like Jasmine, hope you get some sleep soon.

Susan mum of 2 gals

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