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Eczema Lock Rss

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a remedy or cream that has helped their babie's with eczema. We have been to the doctor who prescribed a sigmacort cream which has eased it a little but it's still there.
I realise that what works for one, may not for another but I think at this stage, anything is worth a go.
Cheers, Laura

Laura DS July 03, DD Oct 05, DD Nov 08

Hi Laura,

I have a 6mth old with bad eczema. My GP and his Paed both prescribed the hydrocortison (sigmacort) cream, which has definitely helped, but hasn't totally cleared the eczema. I was told by both that eczema can be controlled but not cured, so I guess we just need to be patient until they grow out of it. I us a cap full of QV bath oil in his bath every night with a few squirts of sorbolene cream (with 10% glycerine), which also seems to help. He is very unsettled after getting out of the bath because he gets so itchy, but after applying the hydrocortisone cream he seems to settle very quickly.

Hope that helps you.


Mum to toddler

Hi Laura,

My son suffered from eczema soon after starting solids. Turns out he has a food intolerance to 'animal renet' used in some processed cheese products like cheese sticks, and wedges.

Anyway, products that I had great success with were the 'QV' cream and bath wash. QV have a good range of products including a special kids range.

Also if you would like a very natural product, Paw Paw cream is a wonder cream. Fabulous for nappy rash, grazes, and eczema.

Everyone that uses paw paw cream would swear by it.

My friend who has a little boy with quite bad eczema finds salt water helps to reduce the rash and takes him to the beach and pool often.

Best wishes

Therese, BRISBANE, 3yr old boy 6 wk girl

Hi guys. I have the same problem .By 6 month boy has eczema quite bad on the shoulders and a few patches on the back of the legs. Doctor prescribed sigmacort 1% and used it for 8 days morning and night.It seemed to help by the 3rd or 4th day then the progress ended and it seemed to go back to its original state. So after the 8 days I just use Bepanthen and its heped the dryness slightly. I dont know what to do now. We tried Medi Honey and that didnt help much. Also I gave my baby some petit Miam yogurt with banana in it. Is that an allergen? because my baby got a rash across his stomach. So I stopped that too. Has anyone else had problems with bananas and eczema?

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06


My daughters allergic to eggs & bananas since she has been off all egg & banana products her eczema has inproved slightly.
I had her allergy tested.

Oats in cheesecloth or muslin put in the bath water is a natural remedy to relieve the itching and soothe the skin. You need about 5 tablespoons. Homeopathic remedies are safe for babies so try seeing a natropath for a gentler alternative.
Hi Laura,

The doctor gave me a prescribed cream for my son with eczema called Advantan. This cream cleared up the eczema pretty much straight away. He recommended to use the cream for 2 weeks then leave a ten day break, so the skin doesn't get used to it and it will continue to work.

The other advise I received from the doctor was when I bath my son, don't completely dry him before I apply QV cream then dress him in cotton. This will keep the moisture in his skin so the cream will absorb.


Leah, NSW, Hayden's mum

Hi Laura,
I was advised to bath my son in sorbelene cream instead of soap, to stop the skin from drying out. I also use a cream brought from the chemist for about $6.00 a tube, called EGO cream. It is specially for babies. It used to be called an Eczema Cream, but it is also excellent for nappy rash, so it is now called a nappy rash cream (so more ppl will buy it). It is a zinc based cream, so holds the moisture in. My son had really bad exzema, but now, it is under control easily. The slightest sign that his eczema is coming back, I put his cream on and it is gone the next day. It is a non perscription cream, so you don't have to go to the doctor first. Hope this helps

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Laura

My 6mo also suffers from eczema on her arms and legs. I've been using Grahams Bath Oil with a little salt in her bath water and after patting her dry I apply medihoney on her eczema spots and sorbolene cream everywhere else. I have also tried Dermaveen and Calendulis Plus Cream with some success. I also wash her clothes and bedding in Amolin or Lux flakes and rinse twice.

I hope this helps.

Miriam,Qld, girl 28.07.03

Hello everyone,

I actually stumbled across your posts whilst searching the internet trying to cure my own psorisis! Psorisis and eczema are closely related and I would luv to share with you the results of my extensive research. Diet effects both Exzema and Psorisis, and great results have been shown by reducing diary intake in children with eczema. I would strongly advise anyone to STAY AWAY from steriod based creams and cortisone, the way they work is just insane, they actually stop your immune system from doing it's job. I have just this week started using a cream called Medihoney and things are definately improving, I have heard of several women swearing by it for treatment on their children with eczema, and one of those ladies is a pharmasist! it's is a hypoallergenic cream which contains antibacterial honey, aloe vera and chamomile. Another product which may be hard to find, is dead sea salt, I have read that this has amazing effects when bathed in. there are also a range of homeopathic minerals specifically designed to treat psorisis and eczema, I would definately take this option before opting to use cortisone creams! Anyway I hope this helps.
Hi All,
My 3 month old daughter has had a slight rash on the inside of her elbows and a little on her thighs and ankles, I thought this may have been a heat rash as it flared up over a very hot week. I took her to a doctor and he told me to take her off s26 and put her on Infasoy. She's been drinking S26 for 5 weeks b4 the rash stared so I was a bit concerned if it was a milk reation (very slow reation). Anyway she has been off S26 for two weeks now and I have noticed a slight change (and the weather is cooler!!) I also changed my laundry power to Lux flakes. I have found some disturbing reviews about soy formulas and I'd like to put her back on S26 now.Are the creams that some of you suggested ok for babies? Were your baby's on S26 when you used the creams? (you didnt change formulas) If I can use a cream and keep her on S26 I'd feel a hell of lot happier

Thanks smile

Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

Hi there. My son who is now 11 months old used to get bad excema behind his knees and on his ankles. We used sorbelene and it seemed to calm down. Once when it flared up we happened to be at our regular chiropractic visit and our chiropractor said sorbelene wasn't that good for our skin ( you'd be amazed what is in it!! ) She recommended Neem soap which is totally natural and his excema rarely flares up now. We also used the aloe vera plant on it too. Hope this is helpful!

Thanks, Kerry-Ann
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