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Hi everyone

Im a new mum to a baby girl with colic.I was just wondering if its bad to switch formulas too often?
Ive been trying to find one that might help with her colic, but to no avail. i havent tried the anti reflux one yet, does this make a difference?
Hi Lara

Have you tried Karicare I used that with both my kids & found it great. Also try the Brauer Colic Drops from your health food shop they are Excellent!!

Good Luck

Hi Lara

I cant help with the formula..I would suggest speaking to your doctor or health nurse about that.
I just wanted to share my experience with colic.
My baby suffered colic as a newborn, there was a bit of confusion as to what colic actually is.
I was told its not wind..its just used to describe a disgruntled baby.
Anyhow I tried wind drops and they didnt help me nor did panadol.
I just learnt to swaddle Ashleigh and pace the halls about 500 times every night...I also purchased a 'Soothing Vibrations' bouncer and it really helped at times when I just couldnt cope with the screaming anymore.
Ashleighs 'colic' subsided between 8-10 weeks and now he is such a wonderful baby!! (5 months old)
Good Luck!!
HI (Ashleighs mum)

Thanks for the advice. Im trying to get Tayla into a routine now.(VERY HARD). Sometimes it seems as though she is too young for it?!
Tizzie Hall from the "save our sleep" website is helping me. Youre right about the colic though. I think it is more that they are unsettled rather than windy. Oh well, just have to wait for this phase to pass.
Thanks once again
Hi Bec

I will have to try the Karicare, i have heard a few times that it is good.Dont like the price though!!!


My daughter also had colic and reflux when she was younger and we used the NUK anti colic teats, i was told that with normal teats when baby sucks to hard it sort of gets blocked and baby sucks in alot of air but the anti colic teats have a valve to release the pressure (or something like that) anyway it helped my daughter and she still uses them now at 1

hope it passes soon.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Let me know how you go with the routine!
I tried that with Ashleigh, actually he would do the same things for a couple of days and lull me into a false sense of accomplishment then he would go and change everything on me!
I would like to create a bit more of a routine for my little honey but I think we all know who the boss is in my household.....
What does your daily routine for bub involve?

Hi Again

The routine involves regular sleep times(if theyre not sleepy they still stay in the cot), regular feed and bath times. If she falls asleep when its play/awake time she cant go in the cot- only on the lounge/playmat etc. I also have to give her a feed when shes asleep so she wont wake up later in the night.
Its pretty hard because she wants feeding every 3 hours, not 4 and it stuffs it all up!
Ill let you know how it is at end of the week, because weve only been doing it for a ay and a half.
Talk to you then
I switched my baby to heinz nurture from s26 and it is good and much cheaper! The Nuk teats are good too. Gripe Water in the bottle is good to give in the afternoon to minimize wind or if baby is windy put onto stomach and baby should pass its wind that way too. The gold formulas can make some babies a bit windy by the afternoon. Good luck!

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

My son is now 5 months old and we kept changing his formula thinking that would work but it didn't. We also tried colic relief stuff and that worked if we gave it to him with every feed. I know this might sound crazy but I took him to a osteopath for his colic and silent reflux and it fixed him. I didn't do this til he was about 2 1/2 -3 months old. I wish I had done it ealier as since then he has been sleeping 10-12 hours of a night, sleeps during the day, will have his bottles without dramas and best of all brings up the wind no problems. It took us 2 visits to work but he is the best baby now.
I know some people don't like this idea but if you are able take her to either a oseopath or a chiropractor.
Thanks everyone for your replies.Tayla's colic has improved a tiny bit. Hey.Ashleighs mum- i quit the routine. its just impossible with a baby this young!
I think i must have a really clingy baby or something? She wont even let me put her down for a minute, let alone sleep by herself for more than 15 minutes! Its getting to be areal problem, as i cant get anything done during the day and im really exhausted. I might have to book in to a sleep school or something like that soon.Has anyone had the same problem?

Hi Lara
Im glad Tayla's colic is improving..I bet in another couple of weeks it will pass completely.
I am trying to get Ash into the feed, play, sleep routine....lets just say Im sure he knows what Im doing and is deliberately being obnoxious!!!
The sleep school sounds like a good idea, a woman in my new mums group took her bub and said it worked wonders...bub was generally alot happier and settled really well...and the mum looked much happier too!
Im also going to go to sleep school so I will let you know how it goes!

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