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Baby's Growth & Development


HELP! Small but ACTIVE baby Lock

My 8 month old daughter is so small for her age. I have had many people comment on how 'peti...

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Hi ladies i have 6 months child, now i am very happy


Unsettled baby after moving state Lock

Hello, Our DS was around 5 months old when we all relocated from Syd to Melb for my work. Up to ...

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There's loads of really good sleep consultants out there who can do in home visits or it can also be done over the phone / emai...


Jumping Beans Ellerslie - 6+mth old class - do you know someone who would appreciate free spot? Lock

Hi everyone I registered my baby for Jumping Beans in Ellerslie last term before he was in a napp...

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Thumb sucking Lock

Hi, My baby is 3months old and she has just learnt to suck her thumb I have no concern over this...

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She would feed 2-3 hourly and sleep every 1-1.5hours. She was doing 45min sleep but now she is able to settle herself back to sleep...


38W+1D steroids??? Lock

Hi all, My c section date has been moved forward from 39 weeks to 38 weeks and my OB mentioned ...

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Ultrasound predicting early date? Lock

We had an ultrasound yesterday to check a health issue, but that appeared alright thankfully. How...

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I wouldn't worry. I had the same issue with two of mine - they measured much further than my dates because they were big. They ...


morphology scan Lock

My doctor has set y morphology scan for next Monday, I will only be 17+4 (even though he wrote I ...

1 reply

if they can't get all the information they'll rebook you to come back another day. I've had two different scenarios ...


Huggies barcodes Lock

Huggies barcodes

3 replies

Why it related to bar code?


Hip Dysplasia clothing Lock

My Granddaughter needed a brace to correct her hip dysplasia. My daughter divised a pattern for a...

1 reply

As result of the hip luxation of my daughter I started with special clothing, wide sleeping bags etc. Shipping...


At home Childcare Lock

Hey everyone, I was just wanting to get everyones opinion on at home childcare VS day care? I&...

3 replies

Personally I prefer daycare for my son. I feel there is more accountability for the carers etc. With home care there is no one there...


Is my baby gaining too much weight? Lock

My baby was 3.185 kgs at birth and is now 6.83 kgs as 10 weeks of age. I am worried that he is ga...

3 replies

My DS1 was 3.6kg at birth and was fine for a couple of months and then just packed it on. He just plateaued at around 10 months and...


Titirangi West Auckland Coffee Group Lock

Hi Mums!!!! I have a beautiful wee girl who is almost 11 weeks old. Would love to start a coffe...

5 replies

Hi everyone, my name is Hannah and I have just started up a new business which is music, movement and sensory classes for babies and...


Not laughing. Lock

Hi Everyone. My baby is 8 months old and doesn't laugh. He smile alot and is very interacti...

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Maybe you just need to learn the trick, DS2 laughs/giggles at playing boo and also ticking under the chin and saying 'gogee gog...


Growth scans Lock

I've just been for two growth scans in preparation for an elective C-section due to having a...

6 replies

I just had my scan today. Not quite 36 weeks. 2 days short. The scan showed she has gone back up on the scale. Not quite as big as b...


Midwives? Lock

Hi Everyone, i am new to Auckland and currently 8 weeks. I am trying to get some reccomendations ...

1 reply

have you joined the due august 2015 thread yet? we have a facebook group and have discussed midwives a wee bit in there!


what Questions to ask at 20 week scan? Lock

My scan is in a week and I'm not sure what kind of questions to ask there. Can anyone help m...

8 replies

Going for a third try! Lets see if we can tell this time!


when can you turn baby's car seat around? Lock

just wondering when we can turn our baby's car seat around? she is just over 6 kgs and 5 months old

13 replies

I found Britax Boulevard G3 Convertible Car Seat is very good, you can read the converitble car seat review from http://babygoespro...


First steps and walking Lock

My Lil angel took his first steps before and I'm still a bit over excited lol wondering how ...

4 replies

Wow 6 months is impressive!! My kids didn't crawl till 9 months and all 3 started walking between 13-14 months. They were takin...


Something doesn't seem right Lock

Hi everyone - it's been a long, long time, hope all is well! Just wondering what some mums ...

4 replies

Oh that's great! Even better, you can mix the probiotic with the yoghurt. The brand I use is called Bioceuticals


Cranial Massage Lock

Has anyone tried Cranial Massage for babies? I am told it may help with my baby that refuses to s...

4 replies

Raspberry Sundae wrote: KayEll wrote: Tks! From Marlborough Region Will check in with our regular Marlborough resident and see if s...


How big is your 4 month old? Lock

I'm just wondering if anyone else is sick of hearing how big their 4 month old baby is?? My litt...

13 replies

Hi Mums with heavy bubs my son is 3mnths old and weighs 9.15kg he weighed just under 8 Kg at his 2mnth needles and was born 4.45kg ...


Feeling Mini Me!!!! Lock

I was out with the family yesterday at a Christmas theme park and while everyone was on rides, bu...

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Not feeling pregnant! Lock

Is it just me or when you get to 15/16 weeks do you just not feel pregnant any more? (I'm su...

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Went to the Dr and he said that I was defo preggies! So feel a bit better and think I can wait till my scan. I think I will start s...


Missed miscarriage at 9.5 weeks :,( Lock

I don't even know where to start.... I'd be 10 weeks pregnant this coming Wednesday.......

6 replies

I am very sorry for your loss. Your story is so very close to mine. Earlier this year I was high fiving and fist pumping because I h...


Baby bump Lock

Hi ladies, when did you start showing? I am 10 weeks tomorrow and I feel like I have a tiny bump,...

12 replies

I'm 30 weeks pregnant but it doesn't feel like I'm carrying anything everyone is different.


What is DD and DS?! Confused trying to understand what some ladies are saying! Lol Lock

What are these DD and DS letters for? Confused. Lol

1 reply

Oh ok! Thanks for that, makes sense now! And I totally agree, we are all here to help each other. I love this sight, it's great...


The funny side to pregnancy... Lock Hope it makes you giggle as much as it did me!

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28 weeks pregnant, baby measuring 3 weeks ahead. Lock

Hi Ladies, At my 20 week scan bubs belly was measuring bigger then average, at 27 weeks they se...

5 replies

My first baby was 9lb9oz and I was terrified of having another of similar size. They were expecting my second to be the same or bigg...


how much does you 4 month old weigh Lock

So sick of everyone telling me my baby girl is small just wondering how much other baby weigh at ...

25 replies

My baby is 17 weeks and weighs 5.3kg and 61cm long but nurses say she is underweight, I felt like such a failure. To me I know my ba...


my little baby Lock

hi is anybody here?

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10 month old losing weight :( Lock

Hi, my DS has always been small. Born at 38+3 weighing 2.95kg which was 10th percentile. He is br...

1 reply

Hey there, was your child health nurse concerned at all when he was weighed last at 7.6kg? I wouldn't be too worried about wher...


starting work from pregnancy Lock

you see, in China, you only have three months pregnancy leave. And then you have to get back to w...

1 reply

currently the work is fine. I just hope everything goes well. generally, what would you do after you have a baby? stay at home or ...


10 month old has purple feet sometimes Lock

I have a 10 month old DS who is very healthy and happy but hasn't been a good sleeper for ab...

5 replies

Thanks for your replies. Fingers crossed the new Paediatrician will have some answers. Getting only a few hours of sleep a night is...


Late Teething Lock

Hello All, My daughter is nearly 12mths and still no sign of any teeth. I have heard that this ...

7 replies

Its preety normal. I think!


snack ideas for 8m old with super gag/vomit reflex and reflux Lock

Hi I was after some advice on my DD she is 8m and struggles with feeding, snacks even slightly l...

1 reply

Yes, I was going to suggest creamed rice/rice pudding, or tapioca pudding, or my little one also liked cold porridge (made with quic...

10 months today and not crawling yet Lock

Some don't crawl at all. They all develop in their own way & time. Don't worry about her not cr...

11 replies

Natalie_Maree217 wrote: Wooden spoon I don't know but doesn't sound right 20 months to learn to crawl I would get bub chec...


9 mth old not wanting to eat Lock

My DS is almost 9 months old and has bee a great eater since starting solids. For the past week ...

4 replies

It would be teething baby's go off food when getting teeth gums are all sore put some bonjela on 15 min before food see if it h...


travelling abroad with 8.5 month old - any tips--anyone used polarmine/phenergan? Lock

Hi--I'm travelling to Canada in June with a 8.5 month old. The flight is scaring the heck out of ...

15 replies

We have travelled overseas with our (now) 9 month old and much like other mums here I would highly recommend having a bottle for tak...


Amniotic Band Syndrome Lock

Like to hear from any mums who have had this and had healthy children?

9 replies

Hopefully here you can meet a family close by to you


How much does your 8 month old weigh Lock

Hi my DS is 8 months old and weighs 8.5kg how much does your 8 month old weigh ?

10 replies

Lol! My son is 8 months tomorrow and weighs 13kgs