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My 10 month old isn't talking... Lock Rss

My baby makes noises - grunts and puffing sounds and yells like a normal baby - but we're no where near any mama or dadas yet...I'm really worried - has anyone else had this - all I hear is people bragging that their babies can say mama dada and just about everything else - I don't want to hear this! I want to know if anyones baby did this and is normal.

I'm really worried about autism.


Our DS is the same age, and he is doing exactly what you describe. I worry a little too but I figure everything else is on track roughly so will just keep an eye on him. How are you DS milestones?

Thanks for your reply...Jack is waving and laughing and crawling and learning very quickly the word "no" and then he will say a bit of a "oooh" - he is pulling himself up and have 4 teeth. He's a bit lazy in that he won't hold his own bottle and occasionally makes a grab for the spoon - but he's right into feeding himself a cracker and toast and pretty much anything we offer him - but being told by a "professional" that he's behind in his speech development and this can lead to further problems really made us panic. I think we'll just keep doing what we're doing - talking to him a lot - and reading - he's a quiet baby anyway so maybe he's just not ready. Thank you and I hope your little guy is happy and smiling!!


Your little man sounds just like ours, it is nice to know that your not alone! He is exactly the same with feeding/bottle.
Hi girls, my little man is much the same.
When CHN asked at our 9month check if he was saying mum and dad she made me worry a bit cause he seemed no where near it. He also didn't clap or wave or anything like that.
Sure enough about 2 weeks later he started saying dadda. No mumma yet, but thats ok.
I have now noticed he has a few different sounds lately so I know he is progressing and he just started waving too. And he's almost walking.
I wouldn't panic, sure it won't be long.

hi there.. my DD is 16 months and doesnt talk much at all.. can say mum, shoe, puppy, bye and hello. thats bout it. Its frustrating for me cos of the squealing and also for her trying to get her point across. im not to worried tho. she walked at 8 1/2 months and she is quite bright and alert.. i wouldnt worry i think it all happens in good time and when they r ready.

Mummys Angel Charlotte is 20 months

Hi girls

Corey started to say Dada on Sunday and hasn't stopped since!! It is amazing how quickly they latch on to something once they work out how to do it, it is a relief but I did read on a website (I think it was Baby Center)that as long as they have the Ebb & Flow of conversation it doesn't really matter how many words they have, the problem is when there is no up & down in there babble/sounds they make. It won't be long and you will be wishing for some peace and quiet!!
Just wanted to say that NONE of my three children said anything like a word until 12mths or so- my DD (now 2yrs 2mths) talks nonstop and most people take her for 3 or so as she is advanced with her speech. My DS1 crawled at 7 1/2 mths so I think was too busy with moving than with talking he is also perfectly normal with his speech. DON"T Worry your baby sounds perfectly normal to me!!

When I worry about my babies milestones I always think of my mothers description of her brother at 18 months: bald, toothless, could only sit and grunt!! Grew up to eventually become a school prinicpal. So don't get too worried your bubs has plenty of time smile

My 12 month old DD doesn't say much either , she is my 5th baby so you would think she would be prattling on, she can say mum and da, but sppeaks in a baby tone (of course but mumumumum and dadadadad, not mum and dad) she says hello and once said No. thats it. My 2 boys were 2 yo before they actually said anything i understood, so i am not worried, now they can talk, all I want is 5 mins silence..heh. My 12 month old is still gooing and gaaing. it is a bit of a worry, but your bub sounds perfect with the other things they are doing, an definately not behind!
Sorry i should have typed, It is a bit of a worry for ME, at times with my DD not talking, not it is a bit of a worry that your baby is not talking!
Hi there! Just wondering how your little one is going about his talking now? I stumbled across this question as I have a 10 month old who only grunts, says mmm mmm and ahhh ahhh.
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