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solids and breast/bottle amounts? Lock Rss

My daughter is just on 6 months. I have just gone back to work P/T so she is fully weaned off the breast and takes the bottle well. I started her on solids at 4 1 /2 months and she loved it! I started with one meal (rice cereal) and gradually increased the foods and amounts till she had 3 solids meals a day. Her daily routine is usually wakes and has a bottle, then breakfast. Mid-morning she has lunch and another bottle. Then early evening she has dinner and then a bottle before bed. My question is she seems to have reduced the amount she drinks from the bottle. She was drinking 180ml with each bottle, now it's only 80-100ml. Is this enough daily liquid intake? I seems to be very little and I'm worried she's not getting enough fluids. She seems very happy with her solid meals so if anyone has an opinion or advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Katijah, NSW, 4mth baby girl

I noticed that as well with my boys, if your daughter is on formula then it usually says on the side of the tin how much liquid they should be having each day.

My first son didn't drink enough and I was advised by the clinic sister that he needed to drink water or weak cordial.
My daughter is also 6 months and is on solids 2 x daily. She also has 4 bottles of about 150-200mls of formula. The tin says she should be having 3-4 bottles of 200mls per day, but sometimes she will only have about 100mls per feed. When she does that, I try and top her up before putting her down for a sleep and she usually takes the rest of the bottle. As long as your baby is putting on weight, don't worry about it.
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