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Rolling over Lock Rss

I have a 15 week old lil girl and was wondering when will she roll.? she has rolled once but not again she has lots of tummy play as she will only sleep on her tummy. she is very strong can push herself onto hands and lift head from laying but not very interested in rolling. when do they usually roll?

Liby mum for my almost 1 yr old 14/1/03 ashleigh

hi liby
my son rolled over at about 15 weeks then didnt roll again until about 4mths old. Now he is 6mths and getting around quite easy. At first he would only go back-to-front until he worked out that it was slightly easier to do it front-to-back. Im sure your little girl will be on the move soon.

Renae, VIC

My daughter is 6 months old and still not rolling from back to front. She has done front to back but shows no signs of going from back to front. She can roll sideways though. Hopefully she will start doing it soon.
My son is 6 1/2 mnths old and he just won't roll, he turns his head right around so as he can see behind himself and gets right up on his side but won't go any further, he has been doing this for 3mnths, if you give him a nudge he will go over but he won't do it alone, im starting to get worried if he won't go onto his tummy how will he learn to move. We put him on his tummy, put toys infront of him and he reaches out for them and he is trying to pull himself along, he will pivet around in a circle on his tummy. Him not rolling is really getting to me.

Austinn's mum

My son just started rolling at 7.5 months. We never really worried about it, he is 9.5 months and weighs 13 kg. But he was sitting up by himself at 4.5 months and stands holding onto furniture from 5.5 months. At the moment he does the bum shuffle and a reach and move sort of action which gets him around a little. He has a lot of fellow baby friends and they are all doing things at different times so I wouldn't worry.
My baby girl did her first roll at 8 weeks although we have hardly seen any since. My nurse however told me that usually babies how do roll over early stop for a while as they know they can so they practice a new skill. This seems true as my baby then learnt how to grip her toys better and now tat she can do that is into the rolling again. It's annoying but eventually your baby will master it, give them time.

Keely, Vic, Emily born 11/03/03

My daughter is 6 1/2 months and she doesnt roll, she hates being on her stomache. She has rolled a couple of times but really isnt interested. I give her tummy time every day but she only lasts about 2 minutes then she starts whinging. It hasnt seem to worry me to much so far cause she has done other things before her expected age. I wouldnt worry too much about it. Every child in some way has difficulty with one thing or another, just like us adults, sometimes we can take longer then the averge person to grasp somthing that is new to us too

Linda, NSW, mum of Olivia (b) 03.01.03

My little one is 19 weeks now and has only just started to roll, a few weeks ago I asked the nurse if there was something wrong as she wasnt into talking and didnt roll yet, she informed me that bub will do what she wants, when shes ready to do it and to stop worrying tongue All babies have they're own pace of learning, some learn communication faster and others learn movement faster and some miss stages. You never know, she might never roll over but still crawl sooner than others smile

Hope that helps.
My son is 5mnths and is only just starting to roll from his back to his side and thats as far as he goes. Babys all roll at different times and i am not to worried. i prefer him to stay on his back as long as possible.


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