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my son is 7.5 months and all he seems to want to do is walk. he keeps looking at everyones feet and he moves his own legs like he wants to thinking of getting him a walker, but not sure if its worth it....when do they grow out of them? is there a weight limit also?
Hi there,
i had heard alot of bad things about walkers, and wasn't going to get my son 1 as i was told they will delay him walking etc, but was given 1 from a friend to borrow, as soon as we put him in it, around the same age, maybe even earlier, he just loved it!! he was crawling a 6mths, and loved pulling himself up, and walking along furniture, so he loved being able to zoom around in the walker, he could go outside, and would wouldn't have to worry about him hurting himself crawling around. He could explore the house by himself. he went backwards for about a week, then worked it out!! then started running in it! he started walking by himself just b4 10mths, so didn't hurt him at all. We still even put him in it after he was walking, to keep him out of trouble!! so i would definelty give it a go, check out ebay for a cheaper 2nd hand 1, but well worth the money!! once all my friends saw my bub in it, they all went out and bought 1 for there boys!!
hope this helps, good luck!!
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I couldn't live without our walker. DS loves it and it means I can put him in it and let him go while I cook dinner or do the dishes without him crawling up my legs.

I think they are good till bubs starts walking, so at 7 1/2 months you would get a few months use out of it. We use ours everyday. We also take it when we go on picnics etc so he can sit in it while we are eating and don't have to worry about him crawling away or putting anything in his mouth.

Be very careful of these - check what the Australian Consumer Association has to say on them. I understand that they have contributed significantly to injuries in babies. Also it might be a good idea to ask your community child health care nurse for her opinion of them and any experiences that she has had.


i agree my 8mth old loves his. it recommends though no more then 20mins so as long as his not sitting in it all day i think its fine for them.
Anything that supports their crotch with their legs on either side (eg. walkers, jolly jumpers, baby bjorns) can be damaging to the childs spine. That is why there are warnings re. not using things like that for more than 10 mins etc. It is putting pressure on the spine by putting them in positions their spine is not yet ready for.

For more info:

my bfs mum was surpised they still sell them cos it is easily tipped over and babies have injured them selfs but if you are gonna get one get a good one some has a thing they stops the child from mover the walker but they can still stand and move their feet.. im gonna get one for my bub when his old even i think its a good idea as long as you take precautions

Ive been told - (and even at the hospital and by my mum who is a social worker) that walkers are a huge NO NO...they easily tip if your child leans one way causing anything to happen...
if you are wanting to get somthing why not one of those jumpy thingys hahaa...its at the tip of my tongue I just cant remember.
they excersise the legs and support the bub as well...and last for ages - as they can be used as a swing later on

Melody, NZ AKLD, and DS Josiah 15months

My DD loves her walker. She was stuck in reverse for the first few days, but finally worked it out, and now has a blast chasing the cat around the house!

It has also been a relief for us, as she was becoming very frustrated - wanted to get into everything, but wasn't mobile enough. Now she has a bit more independence.

It's also handy for us to take along when we visit people.

I know in the past there have been some safety issues with babies falling down stairs, tipping them over etc. But there are some better walkers on the market now that are much safer in design.

We haven't had any issues so far with DD's walker. It is set in a really wide frame, so she can't tip it over. And it has these rubber stoppers on the bottom, which means she can't push it off steps or ledges.

As with any baby toy/device - they should always be supervised.
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