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8 month old screaming Lock Rss

my dd has just discovered a little temper-screams at me (very high pitched lovely scream!) when she doesnt want something i.e nappy changed or just for no reason at all-pick her up when screaming still screams, put her down still does. today, not quite as bad as the last three days-it was driving me mad! where has my happy little girl gone with no temper?! has anybody elses child done this-and does it stop??!!
I know exactly how you feel my 6 month old has been really sick with gastro and now he is getting better he has started the same thing. He has realised that if he shouts and keeps shouting louder someone will come to him. If that does not work then the scream starts. I do not remember my older two doing this but they may have and I just don't remember. Everyone tells me what else do I expect he is a red head! Grr. I ignore as best I can before I pick him up or I just lay him down and walk into another room. Know I not big help but I understand.

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That is so funny to hear! My 8 month is the same. At about 6 months it started off as 'vocalisation' - he discovered he had a voice and wanted to hear it as often as possible. It settled for a while and now he's discovered that if he sucks in enough air before hand he can get a really loud scream out! We've even got a bit of fake crying going on these days. Gosh it's funny. I just ignore him and only respond if he starts to get really irrate. try to discract her by giving her something to play with, particularly something that's not a toy they're accustomed to - cooking spoons or egg rings etc always work a treat because they're different. Half a day of it tends to do your head in though!
Omg...I can so relate to this... My lil one first discovered he have a voice around 12 months (he was a 28 weeker) and used it whenever, and whereever, possible. It started out as short and sharp bursts of screams...but 5 months down the track he has improved it to long ear-peircing (I'm not kidding) screams.

It is easy to ignore (or distract) when we are home, but when we are outside (especially at the supermarket) we get a lot of attention...and he probably thrive on this...which doesn't help...

Everyone tells me that he'll grow out of it, and I do hope that he does...sooner rather than later... I know...not much help, but just know that you are not alone in this wink
My little girl is 8 months and does the same thing, if i dont let her have something she wants, like a power point or the speaker wire behind the tv, she screams if she doesnt want to sit in the trolley when we go shopping, if she dont want her nappy changed or doesnt want to sit in the high chair, the list goes on.
Hey if they do grow out of it, then comes the "terrible twos"!!
I too can relate to this. My 8mth old DD has recently learned to do the cranky squealing thing when she doesn't like something or she wants something.
It's a bit frustrating, but sometimes I can't help but laugh, she looks so cute when she does it.
i am glad im not the only one! Along with the screaming we now screw the face up, start the quick breathing and then scream!! it is a bit funny (most of the time!)
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