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Baby not gaining weight Lock Rss

I am just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to mine and can maybe put my mind at rest a bit. My 5 month old boy was born weighing 3630g and has been steadily gaining weight up until his last check up. He was travelling along on about the 90th percentile on the weight graph, then over 6 weeks he only gained 235g and dipped down to the 50th percentile. The last two weeks he has also only gained 70g. I am breastfeeding and he seems satisfied after his feeds, but only has about 5 a day. I have just started him on solids which he does not really like yet, but I'm a bit worried about his weight. He seems healthy and happy - so do I worry, and should I do anything differently?

Jessica, VIC, Max 24.08.03

My son has recently slowed like this but is crawling and pulling himself around on furniture. He was off the chart and is now in the 90th. My doc said this is to be expected and as long as he is happy not to worry.

If you're worried, see your local community nurse or GP. I often think we worry too much about averages and percentiles now. But I do understand that lack of weight gain can often be a concern. Pepermint tea is good for digestion and appetite. Brew a cup for ten minutes and then give three teaspoons in 100ml of water (cool of course). I do this with pepermint and chamomile when my son is a bit off (teething, immunisation etc) and it helps him out. Rasberry leaf tea is good to. Be cautious at first - especially if allergies are in family but it is gentle and safe.
Hi - my experience seems to match almost perfectly. My son is also five months old and has slowed right down in the gaining weight department, although he is bottlefed (with one breast feed a day on average), he still only takes about 5 feeds a day, and isn't really fussed on solids (unless its strained apples). My boy is a bit vomity too, so don't know if this contributes, but seems generally pretty happy and otherwise healthy. Not really sure what to do either!
My daughter stopped gaining weight for 10weeks when she was about 3 months. At one doctors appoitment she was weighed and hadn't put on any weight after about 3 weeks they said that was fine. I weighed her every week after that. After a couple more weeks I rang my Plunket nurse to tell her about her not gaining weight she said just to keep an eye on her but don't worry and start solids so I did (didn't help). At about 4months I also noticed her hands were really swollen so she had an appoitment with a baby doctor (sorry can't spell the proper name for them). Turns out that she wasn't getting enough fluids (I was breastfeeding her) and all the fluid was being taken from her hands and face to her body to keep it warm, so her hands were swelling up to keep them warm. So I then put on formula and within a week she wasn't swollen anymore and she was putting on weight. So I would keep a very close eye on the weigt gain and don't let anyone tell you it is normal. If you are worried go to your doctor/nurse and get advice, don't let them brush you off as a worried mother.
Good luck



Thanks for your replies. Good to know others have had the same experience, but alo a bit worried by Kerrie's story. Can I ask you Kerrie - did your baby have less wet nappies, or any other sign that she may not be getting enough fluid other than no weight gain? Also - when you put her onto formula, did you stop breastfeeding, or just use the formula as a top up?

Jessica, VIC, Max 24.08.03

Hi Jessica

My son was 3815g at birth, he lost nearly 600g in hospital as my milk was slow coming in after having a caesar. He's now 8 months old and I'm still breastfeeding, he only weighs 7kg, and he's the happiest most contented baby I could ever wish for. He's been sleeping through the night ever since he was nine weeks old, from 7pm until 5 or 6am. I regularly take him to the clinic - the nurses are so supportive. They say that breastfed babies don't ususally follow the perfect curve on the growth charts, every now and then it is normal for them to plateau - especially around 5 or 6 months when they become more active. I started my son on solids at 5 1/2 mths and thought he might start growing more quickly but he didn't. I've stopped worrying about it - after all someone has to be at the bottom of the growth chart just like someone has to be at the top. If you have any concerns talk to your GP or clinic nurse - I'm sure they will put your mind at ease.
Thanks everyone for your replies. I thought I would just update the story. Max is now 6 mths old and in the last mth he gained 600 and something grams so is now cruising happily along the 50th percentile. Looks like everything is OK for now!

Jessica, VIC, Max 24.08.03

Sorry only just found your post. After changing her to the formula I really noticed a change in the number of wet nappies she was now having, alot more than when she was breastfed. But at the time I didn't no any different. I was still changing them as often but now there was much more pee. The reason I took her to the baby doctor was because her hands were really swollen due to the fact that she wasn't getting enough fluids (we didn't know that though) and all the fluid in her body was going to her trunk to keep that warm and away from her hands, so they would swell up to keep warm. After changing her to formula her face also thined down so that was swelling as well. (my poor wee girl) I wanted to give up breastfeeding alot earlier than I did because I kept telling everyone that I didn't think she was getting enough, they all said keep going (breast is best, Not for my wee girl). She would growl alot after her feeds and as soon as the formula came along she stopped. I kept her morning breastfeed for a few days then just gave up with no trouble.
I hope your wee man is doing better.
PS Mya now weighs 23lb 91/2oz putting on about 1kg a month. Just do what you feel is right.


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