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Stimulation Lock Rss

Could someone please give me some advice. Do I need to stimulate my 3 month constantly during their awake times? I spend about an hour in the morning laughing and playing with him and at short times during the day but is it ok just to let them lie on their playmat or lie kicking with no pants on? When I leave him he talks to himself and seems quite happy but I sometimes feel like I am ignoring him. Is there a certain length of time per day I should be playing with him? Should I be using toys for his development? Any help would be great thanks

Shelley , NZ, Joshua 19/10/03

I used to do exactly what u are doing spend time with him then let him play alone it is good for him.If u give him too much attention he won't play by imself when he is a little older.I find that my two kids play very well on their own.(And Together)
Hope I've been of some help

i agree with bec, it's good for babies to play by themselves. i always let my son play by himself as long as he was happy to do so and it has certainly paid off now that he is older and awake for most of the day. he is able to amuse himself for a lot of it and then we have our together time for play. have you got an activity gym? he should start to notice and play with something like that soon. i think you are doing great!

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

I've always done that with mine, and she is alert and happy and healthy. I will still lie her down on her play gym with the Winnie the Pooh characters bouncing over head and a toy close to her on the blanket when she can roll to reach it. I let her have a kick without a nappy on too, they need that in their day. I would go back to mine when she was bored or whingy and wanted to play, but i would always get at least 20 minutes out of her before she'd had enough.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003


I have a 4 1/2 month old boy and I do exactly what your doing. I spend time playing with him, but also give him time to play on his own. Don't worry that your ignoring him because your not, it's important for children to learn to amuse themselves sometimes, especially for when they get older.

You can also over stumulate babies by doing too much with them all in one go. So giving him short spurts of your attention throughout the day and then giving him time on his own I think is fine.

When I leave my son on the floor to play, I make sure he has toys he can play with and I either put music on or the TV which he likes to look at.



Mum to Aiden John (born - 1st September 2003)

I have twins 11mths. I used to do the same thing, spending some time play with them and other times letting them play on their own. I still do this now. Babies can get over stimulated. If your baby boy is happy playing on his own that is good. He is setting the pace for how he wants things. Babies also need their own time and space like we do. And its always nice to be able to put your feet up and have a rest while he is happily playing on his own.

justine, VIC, twins boys

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