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Head bending out of shape thru lying on same side Lock Rss

Hi There, thanks for your time!!

Georgia is 4 months old now and goes to sleep on her back but her face is always turned to her left shoulder. This is causing the left side of her head to be smooth and the right side to have a bump.

I do everything I can to encourage her to look the other way, ie playing with her from the right side etc, I won't change the way she sleeps though, She can turn ok to the right side so that is a relief.

I have heard that all babies heads change shape at this time and will go to it's normal shape later, Is this true? Did or Does your little one have a bump on their head from favouring one side? If so did it go away by itself or did you need medical intervention?

My friend freakily enough has the same prob and she is taking her daughter for an x-ray, I don't know if that is necessary???? What do you think?
Thankyou so much, I am a bit worried.......
my baby favoured her right side, it was the direction i entered her room, but her head is now not out of shape. The health nurse advised me to turn her around in the cot so she would have to look in the oposite direction when i entered the room. this actually worked and she now turns her head to the left and right whilst sleeping.

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

My daughter would move her head both ways by herself, so haven't had that problem. My friends son though would not turn his head at all so he now has a flat head. She tried putting rolled up towels behind him to keep him to one side. If a babys head does get to flat I've heard their is a hat/helmet thing that they can wear to correct the flat head.
Good luck



Hi there ggholly03,
My little boy Cody had a terrible shaped head from the day he was born. He was a forcep's delivery which I think had something to do with it. His whole right side of his head stuck out to a point almost. He also had a flat spot after about 8 weeks. My health nurse told me to sit him up more during the day when he was awake, and I also slept him on alternate sides during the day when I could keep a close eye on him. At about 6 months his head was back to normal and now at almost 7 months he is as spunkier than ever.
Hope some of these idea's help you and little Georgia and I'm sure everything will go back to it"s normal shape


StaceyW.A Cody(Son)10/7/03Jordyn(Daughter)25/11/04

Thanks for your replies, it is so helpful to me,

I have moved georgia to the opposite end of the cot so she is facing the doorway but the funny little bunny still favours the left side and now faces the wall. I am worried about the helmet situation!!! I wonder how old the little boy was? did a doctor put him onto a helmet?
I am glad things worked out for Cody, it is so great to hear!!!

Hi Kath,
Don't worry Madison faced the wall for a short while until she figured out which direction i was coming in from. Just call out to her as you enter the room. I always say a cheery hello to her as i'm walking into her room. she loves it.
sorry i can't comment on the helmet but hopefully it wont come to that.

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

My daughter also favoured one side of her head. This started to change around 4 months of age when her neck muscles became alot stronger.

You are doing everything you can to encourage her to look the other way. The only other thing I did was when Ella slept during the day I would turn her head to the other side when she was fully asleep. Our Child Health Nurse suggested this so that she could lay on the other side for quite a time whilst she slept.

All you can do is keep an eye on it and talk to your CHN if things don't change in time smile

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

i don't want to frighten you but this happened to a friend of mine and when her son was six months he had to have an operation to correct it. it was very serious surgery and for the next month they had to keep him off his head during the day. very difficult as you could imagine! like i said i don't mean to frighten you but it is important to get it checked out as it can be serious(not often) my friend went to her g.p who then referred her to a nuerologist. it hardly ever happens but my frien always makes a point of warning people so it can be corrected before it get's too serious

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

hi, my son also has a flat spot on one side, he was about 4 months when I first noticed it and straight away I started laying him on the other side to sleep and placing rolled up towels either side of him to keep him in place. He is now 9 months and although it's still there it's not as noticable and he now chooses to sleep on his stomach which will hopefully help even more. It is important to try and correct it as soon as possible while their heads are still fairly soft.
Good luck, Tigress
I wouldnt worry about the mishapen head, my bub has favoured his left side and has a flat head on this side.
Making him face the other side by playing etc on that side has helped...its still flat though.
The health nurse told me it will even up when he starts sitting and crawling as the pressure is taken off...u shouldnt need to resort to a corrective many adults do u see with flat heads?

Hi there

I am glad i have found a post about flat heads i was only thinking i should see if there was a post about. My 5 month old lil boy has a flat head and my doctor has suggested to go and see a children's/infants physiotherapist so she can have a look and to see weather she reckons he would benefit from a helmet. Im glad that i am going to see someonr=e as the side affects of a flat head arent real nice so i would rather something be done
1.The babies face can disfigure from flat head
2. If you leave it too long it is too hard to try and fix the problem like after 10 months old
3 It can delay alot of milestones
There are a few more but i would be researing them and going to see someone about it. Just those side affects scare me a bit and would rather something be done asap.
P.S It doesn depend hoe serious/bad it is i may find that my lil boy may not need one but defintely dont want those side affects!

Nel-Shailer Park, son Aden 14.2.07

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