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Hi all,
My son is 9 months in two days, and has just cut his 2nd tooth finally. Two weeks of a clingy, irritable baby, who had lost his milk appetite and just wanted to be cuddled all the time. (Love the cuddles, but a bit hard to get anything done!!!) Finally the 2nd tooth cut through the gum, and we now have our happy baby again.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi. My duaghter is 8 moths old and just cut teeth a few ago. But since she was 3-4 months it has seemed like she has been teething as she would be on and off irritable or drooling heaps, had red cheeks, kept rubbing her gums with her tongue and people were constantly saying "oh, her teeth are coming through". This went on and off for 4 months and I kept thinking they were going to pop through any moment! When they did finally come through you wouldn't have known as she was so good except for the really bad nappy rash she got that I'm still trying to get rid of!

Gail, NT, Elia 16/05/03, Hamish 23/11/05

hi my little boy jesse got his first tooth at 4 months but he was dribbling alot and had red cheeks at 3 months try rubbing some bonjella on her gums or the other thing that worked wonders for jesse is a wet facewasher that has been in the fridge for an hour and he would chew on that and found it to be a great help good luck karen

Karen , Mum to Jesse 21/7/03, QLD

Hi, My 5.5mth old started showing signs of teething around 3mths too and he cut his first tooth when he turned 5mths. it sounds to me like the symptoms of teething although the teeth may not come through for a little while yet. Some babies are born with teeth but I think it is quite rare that this happens! I think babies are starting to teethe a little early than usual. I read in a magazine that a temp or sleepness nights is not associated with teething!! I luckily didn't see any change in my son while he was breaking his first tooth. Try rubbing her gums frequently as apparently this engcourages them to come through and will also relieve then for a while.
Hi, My boy Ethan is 4 months old and has been teething for about the last month.
He tries to put everything in his mouth that he can get his hands on just to satifies his gums. I tried the cold cloth idea and found it to work wonders, his not that keen on teething rings and gels he screws his face at.
I also now have him chewing on arrowroot biscuits I supervise the whole time and as it gets soggy i throw it away but he loves it and it seems to help him for a little while.
hi Lisa
both my kids got their first teeth at four and a half months so its possible.

mother of two vic

Hi My son has just started teething and I didnt even know it! he hasnt been grizzly or anything so Im very happy, he is 5.5 months and I too thought he was starting to teethe when he was a around
4months, I spoke with my midwife who says its just his salivary glands starting to work, so dont worry too much! Itl happen when it happens and maybe if your lucky like me you wont even know!, also beleive it or not I was one of the rare babies born (back in the 70s) who had teeth! hooray for me, I finally came first at something, not front ones just the back ones! I wonder if that means I was teething in the womb, does that explain why my mother and I dont get on so well? lol some underlying issues I think. Anyway good luck with your baby girl
My son is a week off 8 months and theres no sign of teeth (which is great for me!) I heard the later children get their teeth, the better their teeth are later on.

cheers Elle
My son is now 7 months old and he has just got two teeth at once.
He was actually really good through the whole time. The only time he was really upset was when they just cut through. He was still eating fine the whole time. He did get a nasty rash on his cheeks while he was teething though. Aparently it is from the extra acid in their saliva when they are teething or something, well that's what my child health nurse told me.

All i used every now and then was a little bit of SM33 on his gums and it seemed to really calm him down.

good luck for all the mum's and bubs going through teething. It is such a gorgeous sight to see your baby giving you a nice teethy grin. =))))


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

Hi Larnie,
Thanks for the diagnosis on the rash. I was thinking it may have be a sign of teething but wasnt quite sure. My 7 1/2 month old son just recently developed a red rash on his chin. Hes always been a dribbler without any rash until a couple of days ago, he was quite grumpy around that time as well, so I'm definately sure teeth must be on their way.


My baby boy turns 5 months on the 24/2.
He has been sucking and chewing on hands, toys and whatever else he can get to his mouth for the last few weeks so I thought maybe he is starting to teeth.
Yesterday he developed some REALLY BAD nappy rash..his never had it like this before and someone told me he must be teething...
Can someone else confirm this for me as I have also started using a different nappy (usually use huggies but am trying babylove) and I thought maybe the nappy was causing an irritation.

TIA for your advice
Cheers ladies
Hi ashmummy,

My Son has just turned 7 months old and has just got 2 teeth come through at once. And another two about to cut through already and he has just got his first nappy rash since he was born. I was told by my health nurse that it can be caused by the extra acid in their urine and saliva when they are teething.

Last week he had a Really bad rash on his face like it had been burnt or something. And he has always had the most beautiful clear skin.

I used a cream called camoderm ointment as a barrier on his face so his saliva wouldn't burn him and it has really helped. I wipe his face after a feed and put a thin layer on his cheeks and chin.

And now that he has a nappy rash too i have been changing his nappy about every hour to make sure that he is dry and putting on the same ointment as a barrier.

My son also started chewing on everything he could get his hands on and drewling really badly. This went on for a couple of months before his teeth actually came through.

But i have been told that their gums get very itchy when their teeth start to move around under thier gums and that's why they try and chew on everything in sight.

I hope this helps


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

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