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Musical MAT offer does this barcode number match yours? Lock Rss

am wondering if any one else got their offer claim form sent back to them with an "incomplete" not attached?!?!
I am so confused with my form! the letter attached to it said it was incomplete because it had the wrong barcode on the baby wash one, and the wipes. But how can it be wrong when i LITTERALLY JUST took it off of the bottle of wash and cut it out of the wipes refill bag?? This is poopie! i now dont know what to do, or who to contact. Can someone please tell me if this barcode number matches there barcodes

9310088021073 - body wash
9310088024326 - scented refil wipes

Thanks - any help appreciated. Leia smile -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi Leia,

I just printed out my claim form and there is a phone number direct any queries regarding the musical mat offer.
It's 1300 760 075 call between 8:30am and 6 pm AEST Mon-Fri.
Not sure if that helps or not.

Hi Leia,

I have slightly different numbers than yours, but could be due to dif size wipes refil, and different size or scent on the bath.

Hope you sort it out.

I still haven't heard back on mine, so hope this is not going to be a common thing.

good luck.
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