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what to do with a 10 month old? Lock Rss

How can i entertain him? I want to play games with him but don't know what. I've tried reading to him but he wont sit still. I've done painting with him but he was more interested in eating the paint and it got messy. He has heaps of toys but now im not sure what else to do with him. I don't want him to feel like im boring or i don't have any time for him
I am not really sure Emily is almost 9 months, what sort of things does he like? Emily likes taking things out of containers at the moment, clothes out of baskets, playing in a little tub of warm water with plastic stuff in it in the kitchen, building towers and knocking them down, obsticle courses, jumping on the bed smile]
sit your baby on the bed with his legs out in front of him and gently bounce the bed with your hands.
Have fun.

Hi, my 10 month DD loves when I get down on the floor so she can wrestle me. I lay on the floor and she'll climb all over the top of me and it keeps both of us in stitches from laughing so much. We build towers out of blocks and then roll a ball to knock them down. She also has some stacking rings that we toss around on the floor to watch if they spin. DD also loves when I crawl around on the floor and chase after her or hide just out of sight so she can come and find me. Is there a park nearby that you can take him to?

Hope that helps.
i have a 9month old, plus my 2yr old. We go to the park or for walks. Its just facinating to look at leaves and grass, and birds!!! LOL... little ones love anything new. Just talking to them while playing toys entertains them. I find the jolly jumper is GREAT! i got my son when he was 11months a play kitchen. My daughter who is 9months LOVES it. she cant open the doors that close hard but the others she can!! everything thats in there, ends up on the floor. But i have some pretend fruit and veg which are great colours and funny weird shapes (for a baby) they love discovering new things, and pulling things out. I dont think my son was too interested in books at 10months, but my daughter who is 9months certainly is. But i must admit i am pretty sure its because she is the 2nd child and just loves to copy the first child! playing small games of hide and seak, not with your self but with objects. Put a small toy under a plastic cup or bucket!! swings are fantastic. We have a sandpit (for my 2yr old) but my 9month old loves it. honestly, you could have everything or anything and a 10month old would be happy. You could start making different sounds in boxes or plastic containers/bottles with rice, corn, lentils, rocks, sand in each. You can get a wooden spoon and hit them to make drumming. There are endless things you can do. Goodluck, and happy playing!
Leia -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

My little one is 14mnths. When she was around 10months she was only just starting to crawl. But I have a few mucisal instruments which she loved to sit and play with. Like a little keyboard, some bells, tamborine etc. I used to get out old pots and pans and give her wooden spoons to play with and she'd beat them all up! I also got some old drink bottles and filled them with rice (lid on tightly of course) so she shake them around! Anything that makes noise basically! In the lounge room we have a chest of draws and I designated the bottom draw for her and put all sorts of toys and things in and she'd go over and help herself and investigate everything in it! She has a fascination with balls, so I'd roll a ball over to her and she quickly got the hang of rolling it or throwing it back.

Sometimes I'd play some music or just sing while hold her and we'd dance around the room which she'd get a laugh out of when she bounces around in all sorts of directions! Or we'd spend ages looking outside to see how many birds we can see or cars that drive past. Every time she'd see one she go "broom!"

If he's crawling you could play like a little chasey game or hide and seek. Crawl around a corner and sneek out and say, 'I'm coming to get you!' and chase after him (just watch your knees though! The bruises I've get on my knees is amazing!!). Or hide back behind a corner and wait for him to come find you and say 'boo!'

Or something on the quieter side, every sound or facial expression mine made, I'd copy her and that quickly becomes a game full of giggles as I'd accentuate the facial expressions and she'd find that hilarious!

Hope some of these help!
Hi there,
I work in childcare and have 2 kids myself. Let your little boy lead the way! Get down on ur hands and knees and chase each other round the house, sing action songs with him such as row-row and twinkle twinkle. Put on a wiggles cd and dance around the room with him! Another thing to try is blowing bubbles, I have not met a child that didn't enjoy that. It is the most simple things that they enjoy the most:)
Have fun!

mummy of 2 angels

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