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Suddenly started to be shy - help!!!!! Lock Rss

My little man is 4 1/2 months old, and the past week has really started to become very clingy, especially to me. I am a sahm, and although he is mostly fine with his dad, when he is really upset, only I will do. Up until now he has been totally fine with babysitters and family and friends (actually he has been very sociable up until this point!!)but this past week he has been very easily upset with my sister and his grandparents. HELP!!! What can we do - I thought babies went through a shy stage at about 10 months!!!!! Any bright ideas????
babies can do this on and off in there first year. I wouldnt be too worried, my son did this at that age (now 2yr) my daughter who is 9months is starting to do this for the 2nd time... Only thing i can suggest is to not take him away from the person he gets upset with straight away. And make sure the person doesnt panic or get upset or want to hand him back straight away. Encourage them to try something different, like shake a toy or go for a walk around the room, change position of where they are sitting - often helps. But taking him out of the situation quickly will make him want to do this all the time.
Goodluck with it - it will pass, im sure! smile -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi there

I read up on separation anxiety as well as reading various posts on here and came across some great advice on how to help your baby through this stage...

When you go out or have people over, hold your bub for at least first five minutes the visitors are there so that bub gets used to other people whilst feeling safe in your arms, then they are more likely to not fret at being held by someone else. My DD went through this and this is what we did and it worked a treat, if we went somewhere and handed her over to someone straight away (like MIL who insisted on taking her as soon as we walked in the door) DD would get really upset but if we went in, held her for first 5 mins or so then she was ok for others to cuddle her. Its a normal part of development that they form a strong attachment to their primary caregiver and are fearful of other people who they dont see every day. It lessens over time, each bub is different, some are more clingly than others but its not something you can stop. My DD still gets clingy, the evenings are her worst time for it as she's tired and sooky but overall she's now happy to go to other people once she's had a little time to suss them out.

Enjoy being your bubba's favourite person - it wont last forever smile

Hi Ollie's mum
My 5 months old is exactly the same, and it started a couple of weeks ago. It bothered his dad a little bit, but I read him the pages from Baby Love saying that it's normal and it does not mean that the baby is spoiled or insecure, so he's ok now. Never bothered me much, I actually find it quite rewarding, especially when the person my DS cries at is MIL who knows soooo much about babies smile Totally agree with Ava's mummy, enjoy being the centre of your DS's world... it wont last.
My daughter who's 3 months has just started doing the same kind of thing for her uncle and poppa i was jus wondering if you would recomend the same thing to try get her over this phase with them ? as she has been fine with them both up untill now so it has upset them a little.
your not alone dont worry!
my daughter is the same she is 10 months old and pretty much always been like this, it upsets her dad sometimes because she always wants me, it doesnt usually bother me until night time, then he cant put her to sleep or she will scream the house down!!
i think it's seperation anxiety, i wonder sometimes if she would be like that still if i bottle fed her?
or maybe she is like it because i have anxiety!
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