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Lack of weight gain Lock Rss

My son is 21 weeks old and I started him on solids at 18 weeks.
Continuing to breast feed he has 2 tablespoons of cereal in the morning, and 2 tablespoons of either vegies or fruit from the glass jars at lunch and dinner.
Since starting solids he has not gained weight.
Before starting he use to gain 150 - 250g a week and now barely anything.
He is happy and healthy but I'm concerned. He is gaining in length and head.

Jungle baby

I know it's hard not to worry, but if he's healthy and happy and growing, I wouldn't worry that he's not putting on weight. I think you need to be concerned only if he's losing weight. If you are still concerned, maybe your child health nurse could help.
Good luck!

My 19 week old girl has had weight gain problems for weeks now, sometimes she will gain only 20 grams in a week, other weeks gain 220, It was really begining to stress me out, but she is an alert and happy baby, she has good size feeds and gives me lots of wet and dirty nappies and shes growing but not gaining the weight she should be. So I decided to stop stresssing over it, as my stress can upset her, and know that she will still be a happy baby even if she isnt gaining the weight she should be.
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