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Eye Colour Lock Rss

My baby boy is 3 months old and has very clear gorgeous blue eyes. My husband and I both have brown eyes - husband very dark brown and mine hazel. There is blue eye colour from my mother and my husband's father.

Am wondering how long babies can keep their blue eyes for?
Our little boy 11 1/2 months had gorgeous blue eyes until he was 6 months old. Now they change colour depending on what he is wearing or the time of day. Sometimes they are still a beautiful clear blue other times they are a Grey/Blue or Brown. I have Hazel eyes and hubby's eyes are normally a Green/Brown but also change colour. I was told that if they don't change by time he is 12 months old then they will remain the colour (or in his case the colours) that they are.
Happy Parenting!!

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Maybe they are going to stay that way. Because both of you have a parent with blue eyes it means you both carry the gene. Even though brown is dominant there is a 25% chance baby will have blue. The table works like this, B=brown b=blue, brown is dominant so any B combinations will become brown.
b Bb bb

All that aside, my daughter has brown eyes and they changed very early and became a gorgeous deep brown at about 6 months.

They sound gorgeous!


I'm happy to hear someone else talk about what colour the eyes will be as my husband just doesnt seem to listen. My daughters eyes (& hair) keeps changing colours not drastically but I can notice it. My son now 5, eyes have gone a lighter blue the colour they were until he was 2: (then they went a dark blue). i have heard your eyes can be a colour depending on what you wear or the mood you are in. Not sure how true that is!

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I heard that the baby's true eye colour is out by the time they are 4 months.
My two oldest boys have very blue eyes and our baby has brown. Neither me or my husband have brown eyes!
Also, i had very blue eyes when i was little and Mum said they slowley turned a turquoise colour and ended up green as i got older.

Interesting really!

Jacquie, NZ, 3 sons.

Hi Jayner,

My little girls has really deep blue eyes but when you look really closely you can see that she has the brown flecks that are going to develop into the chocolate brown that her dad has.

All I can say is that the nurse told me that the eyes can change to there true colour anytime up to a year.

I have read so many books on pregnancy, birth, conception, you name it and i've read midwife also confirmed what my books told me.....a baby's eye colour can change generally any time up to a year old. Sometimes it can be within 2 years however, this is rarer. Generally, apparently, you'll know though by the time the baby is a year old that the colour they have then, is the colour it should stay pretty much. Sometimes they can lighten or darken but only slightly. Again, this is all out of about 6 different books and my midwife so?????? who knows for sure right?
Thats how i know it Mel, it normally happens in the first three months but can take 1-2yrs at the extreme.

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Hi Jayner,
I've read everyone's answers and agree with them all but my daughter Camryn was a rare case! Her paed. told us when I asked at the 8wk check that eye colour can change up to 12 mths and that only the depth varies (ie lighter or darker) until they turn 18mths.
Our 25mth old daughter had the most beautiful blue eyes like her dad's until she was 18mths old. They started to change slowly & by the time she turned 2 they were a deep grey colour. Now they're more hazel/green like mine.
My second daughter has even more amazingly blue eyes than Camryn had so it'll be interesting to see whether she keeps them as we have mostly blue on my husband's side and there are all spectrums from dark brown to bright blue on mine.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi girls,

Sorry to throw a spanner in the works, but here is a point to ponder. My father started off with brown eyes when younger and at some stage once he reached adulthood they changed to a pure green colour, not a hazel either. I have noticed in the last couple of years my eyes are not as brown as they used to be either and have started wondering whether that will also be the case for me, too.

Go figure!!

Well now we'll all have to keep guessing!!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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