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teeth arghh someone help Lock Rss

1st time mum, my daughter cut her first two bottom teeth at 6 mths during a middle ear infection and i had no idea she was teething no signs whatsoever. Now 7 1/2 mths she has her top middle tooth (one) coming just through the gum and oh my god do i know about it now, sleep is all over the place she has now decided to reject bottle (milk feed) and juice/water. She would normally have 3 x 200ml bottles of milk a day and one bottle of water/juice and now she won't take any. The only way she will drink is if i put it in a plastic cup and try and make her drink from it she is so thirsty that it gets everywhere...last night i tried giving it to her in a medicine dropper 3 mls at a time and she was fine but then got so frustrated that she could not drink and fell asleep in my arms sad
Can anyone relate to this....
hi melissa i can't help but i can surely relate!! my nearly eleven month old has just cut his first bottom tooth and all i can say is 'oh my god' he is horrible, he's lucky i love him so much!! i had just cut back one of his breast feeds(the night one) which was fine until last night when he woke up at 1am. we tried everything until finally at 2.30 i decided to try feeding well apparently that was what he wanted and fed with gusto and went straight to sleep. then today he absolutely does not want a bar of his after lunch feed. as you said arghh!! good luck

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

have you tried putting the water/milk in a sipper cup.. at least that way it will stop going eveywhere.. also have you tried bonjela and teething rings.. even putting a washer in the fridge and let them chew suck on that..

good luck..

Mel, Briz, 3 children

Hi melissa
Yes I have tried bonjela, the clinic sister said put it on everytime she has a bottle (milk) to numb the gum she seems to be a bit more responsive after having bonjela. She also loves the face washers and teething rings too. Most of all the frustrating part is her getting upset once she start to suckle on the teat...
I will try the sipper cup hopefully that works, thanks for the tip...much appreciated...will let you know how it goes....thanks melissa
Hi there,

You are definatley not alone. My little angel became a little monster when her top 2 teeth came through together! I used baby panadol for pain relief, plus an ice cube tied inside a face washer rubbed on the gums for numbing. I found my daughter more responsive to cool drinks of juice and water than warm bottles of milk. She wouldn't eat anything so I didn't force it. I can't imagine how painful it must be for the poor little things, be patient and give lots of TLC. If you are concerned about dehydration maybe you should see your pharmasist or GP for further advice. Goodluck and I hope your little girl feels better soon smile Michelle
Hi Melissa,

I can very much relate to the teething issue. My son is now cutting his 5th tooth and his sleeping is being affected also. At daycare yesterday they told me that he wouldn't settle for his morning sleep for a bit and then last night woke about 1am and it took us till about 1.45am to get him back to sleep. I just use Panadol, bonjela..
With the bottles I haven't had any problems and Corey has loved his bottle from day 1.

My friends who have older kids, keep telling me that it does get better & that things will settle back down when the tooth is thru. But OMG I wish it would just hurry up, the poor little things...

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

Hi Melissa,
What fun teething is!!! I think every thing your little one is doing sounds completely normal.
My Baby girl who is just 6 months cut her 6th tooth today would you belive it, and has been doing all the same things that you have mentioned, refusing feeds etc.
I use bonjella, baby panadol and Nurofen, I also think hinze teething rusks work well, sometimes I also chill the rusks in the fridge to make them nice and cold for her gums.
Its sounds like your baby is just not used to that plastic cup thats why its getting every where, maybe try a sippy cup that they acually have to suck to get the water/juice.
Dont worry to much your baby will return to normal soon and will make up for all those missed feeds.
Best Luck and remember there are lots of us going through the same thing, up all night, endless screaming!! Just for those pearly whites!!

Hi Amy,
My daughter has just started to take back the bottle, it seemed like a couple of day turn, only rejected for about 7 feeds to she is back to normal now, and made up for those missed feeds thank god!!
Yes I also use Nurofen, Panadol and she loves those teething rusks, might try putting them in the fridge like you said I am sure she would love that....
But as for these late nights and up a couple of times a night YES I wish they would hurry up and go away all just for teeth, why cant it be easy ?
Thanks for your reply...
I can sympathise! My baby girl is in the process of cutting her fifth tooth. I can recommend rusks, cooled teething rings, bonjela & the Brauer "teething relief" from the chemist. Lots of cuddles, gentle kisses & "I love you's" help also.
Best wishes!
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