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I know I really should know the math to this question but really quietly..I dont. Can someone please let me how to convert my daughters birth weight of 3.210 kilos into pounds.

my hubbie says divide the kilos by 2.2 to get the approximate pounds.

and 3.2kg roughly is 7 pounds 1 ounce.

Hey tricia,

Thank you to you and your hubby for that!
hi, my son was 3.280kg and they told me her was 6lb4oz
hope that helps


here's a neat site for converting kilos to/from pounds

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My maternal health nurse gave me a conversion table pounds to kilos. 3.210kg is 7lb 1oz. 1lb is 454g, 1oz is 30g. Hope this helps!

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Hello to all you mums who replied,

Just letting you guys know that thanx to all of the replies ive received from everyone ill be well on my way to converting my daughters weight from kilos into pounds at our next weigh-in. I feel alot better now that I know how it goes. Thanx guys...awhi and vashanti
whoops i meant to say 7lb 4oz not 6lb 4oz
that sounds better

If u got to and just type in convert kilos to pounds, it comes up with all different calculators.
That how I figure out how many kilos he is when I get him weighed

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