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Just spoke to my friend last night and her little girl who was born 2 days after my daughter weighs 12 kgs! My daughter Maya isn't quite 9 kgs yet, is she small compared to other 8 month olds. I'm breastfeeding her, so take her weight a little personally. Just wanted to know other bubs about the same age weight?

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Hi My son at 8 months weighed 10kg. My daughter at the same age weighed only 7.5kg! Both were formula fed. I think 9kg at 8 months is ok.

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Hi Sara
My girl weighed 8.8kg at 8 months and was 70cm long. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. Babies are just like us - they come in all shapes and sizes!! Your girl sound fine.

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My bub was only 7 kilos at 8 months and is 8 kilos at 10 months. As long as they are happy and healthy dont take it personally! My bub is the same size length as other bubs but is wiry and lean. Im still breastfeeding as well, dont worry Maya sounds like a healthy little girl. smile

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

My baby is 9 months (yesterday) but when he was 8 months he weigh 8.6kg and was 73cm long.

Did u get a blue book thing when u had him that u can record weight/height etc in and it tells u how they are progressing on the chart? That is always a good indication..

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my son's not quite 8 months, and i haven't had him weighed since his 6 month clinic visit, when he weighed 9.64 kg, and was 75cm long. my son was quite big when born (9lb9ozs, and 56cm). i don't get caught u in all that religiosly weighing and measuring your baby, if thay are healthy and happy, does it really matter what thay weigh? i wouldn't be too concerned.

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Hi my daughter is just 8 mths old and weighs 8kg and is 68.5cm long everyone says how small she is to other children her age and it does bug me somewhat but she is happy and healthy born at 8 pound 2oz started on 25th percentile now up to 75th for age weight and height and still going up.
had a rough start drped to 6pound in the first 5 weeks of life. but dont worry too much unless she starts going off her food she may just be a tall slim child. chin up and hang in there!!! if you need to chat my email is [email protected]

Rachael, tga nz, 12mth girl

My little boy was 9 months today and he is approx 8.5 kilos and he is in the average lines in the health centres graph.He is crawling everywhere and very energetic, god help me when he can run!!


My daughter weighed 2.5 kg at 8 months old. She started off at 450 grams. She's now 2 yrs old and weighs 9.5kg. Brooke decided to be born 17 weeks early.

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

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