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starting to climb up on furniture - does this mean next step walking ?? Lock Rss

Please say yes someone as my Son is getting very heavy and cant wait for him to start walking hehehee

The thing is he has been commando crawling since 6 months and hasnt gotten onto his knees yet?? However he has started to climb up on lounge, highchair, tv etc

Has others had babies who have gone from commando crawling straigt on to walkin?

Cant wait for a reply !!

8 month old

Hi Mel,
My son commando crawled when he was 8 months, he then went up on his knees at 10 months, took first steps at 11 months then walked at 13. How old is your son? He may skip crawling on his knees, not all babies crawl this way.Is he crusing around furniture? As soon as he starts to stand alone, not holding on to anything, his first steps should'nt be to far off. But trust me they still want to be carried everywhere even after they walk!!!My son at that age weighed over 12kg, so it was quite a heavy load!!!!

Jordan 7/3/01 & Ashleigh 5/4/04

Hi there

Thanks so much for your reply. My Son is almost 9 months and has been commando crawling since 6 months. Yes he commando crawls all over the house inbetween the chairs under the table !
Im really think he will miss crawling on his knees as he is starting to get up on his knees and reach up and touch the tv off buttone for example. The thing is he cant get back down so sort of flips back but luckily Im there to catch him. Did your baby do this ??


8 month old

babies usually walk around furniture for quite some time before actually walking. does your son stand unsupported?? that usually needs to happen 1st then its anytime after that. my son started walking at 9 months hes 10 months now and is still crawling a bit.


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